Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 7/12/17

With this recent influx of low, wadeable water, wade fisherman are finally starting to see their fair share of some excellent trout fishing. It has been over a week now, and they are still running under a unit on the White (in fact, they’ve been predicting minimum flow ’til around 2 p.m.), and Norfork has been off ’til around 1 p.m. (but sometimes earlier).

The Data Collection for the current water flows on the White, has unfortunately been offline for the past week, and the exact amount of water they’ve been pushing out, and when it was turned on, is not being shown. So far, the predicted flows have seemed to coincide with the actual flows, but they could turn the water on at any time.

Just in case they do turn the water on early, or you’re just wanting to know how long you have before the water reaches you, here is the predicted amount of time the water will take to reach certain areas on the White.

Chart courtesy of Ozark Fly Flinger.

With that, let’s talk about what’s been working.

Michael Jr

White River:

Water levels start out in the mornings at minimum flow, and after 2 p.m., rises to about 3 units or higher. Now is the time to catch that great wadeable water while it lasts.

While the San Juan/egg combo is still a good option, flies such as devil jigs, prince nymphs, pheasant tails, and midges (root beer and ruby), have proven themselves, especially in the lower flows.

Also, continue to fish McLellan’s Hunchback scuds in dark grey, tan, rainbow, and orange. Wotton’s Whitetail Super Midges are still a great choice as well.

The streamer bite will continue to be strong in those flows exceeding 2 units. Try throwing: BFH Double Deceivers, Modern Deceivers, CJ’s Sluggos, Drunk & Disorderlies, and Dally’s Twerkin Minnows. Olive/Yellow & Olive/White in deceiver-style patterns are a consistent performer right now.

Hoppers too are grabbing the attention of some really nice browns, so try Western Lady’s (pink or tan), Evan’s Baby Foam Hopper (purple), Willy’s Ant (black/purple), Fat Albert’s (black or pink), Jake’s Trigger Belly (lavender or black), and Morrish Hoppers (green or black). To appease those fish unwilling to come to the surface, try throwing a McKee Rubber Legs under an indicator, and hold on tight!


We’re continuing to see a short window of wadeable water through the mornings, ’til about mid-day. While these opportunities are somewhat limited, wade fisherman are still catching their share of some exceptional fish!

Mayfly style patterns include: Real Meal Nymphs, Mercer’s Micro Mayflies, and Tactical Hare’s Ear Jigs, have been doing great. It’s also essential to have some Ruby and Rootbeer Midges, Olive Woolly Buggers, and McLellan’s UV Scuds in your fly box as well.

During those times of generation, streamer choices include: Twerkin Minnows, Sluggo’s, Drunk & Disorderlies, and Double Deceivers.

If you are looking for a longer day of fishing, try the Norfork in the morning, and the White after lunch.

Warmwater (Crooked Creek & Buffalo River):

Both Crooked Creek and the Buffalo are at optimal wading levels, and are both great for floating (kayak/canoe) as well. Smallies and Ozark Bass continue to hit crayfish patterns (Hada’s Creek Crawler & Whitlock’s Near Nuff Crayfish), baitfish patterns (Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser & standard Clouser Minnows), and topwater patterns (Boogle Bugs, Fat Albert’s, & Morrish Hopper). For sunfish including longear and green try throwing: Boogle Amnesia Bugs, McGee Rubber Legs, and size 12 Fat Albert’s.

**Featured Image is of Katherine Tedford’s huge Dry Run Creek brown. Photo courtesy of Chad Johnson.

Jason Loyd with a 40 lb Flathead Catfish caught on the White River.