How To: Tie Quick Midges _ Jim Dugan

midgeI have always been intrigued by simplification, especially with fly tying. Holbrook and Koch’s book “Midge Magic” was a revelation when I first read it 20 years ago. The book is still very relevant to midge fishing today.
Stealing from the “Midge Magic” I feel that I have simplified midges even more. To tie on all that is required is hooks, thread, and magic markers.

Here are basic steps:
Thread: I use 280 denier or 3/0 in a light color. The reason for the large thread is that when unfurled (bobbin is spun counter clockwise) this thread will lay very flat for a slim body. Then when furled tightly (spun clockwise) it makes a very large rib.
Magic marker: After you have wrap the thread (unfurled) to the bend of the hook, “forpaint” the thread a dark magic marker. Wipe/dry the thread with a paper towel and furl the thread up tight and spiral forward whip finish forming the head. If you don’t wipe/dry the thread then it will bleed discoloring the underbody.
Try these, favorite colors are white with black rib, light gray with brown rib, yellow with a dark olive rib. Pantone markers that we carry in the shop are great for this. Experiment with different colors to find your favorites.