The Streamer Lovefest


So what is the Lovefest?

THE STREAMER Lovefest is our Celebration of Big Flies, Big Rods and Big Fish: particularly big brown trout.

Every year devotees of streamer fishing come to Cotter from all over the US at the end of January, looking for White River brown trout, and the chance to hang out with some of the best in the game. The Lovefest will held from 6.30 pm January 26, 2019.

Once again we have assembling some of the best and most entertaining streamer talent in the country. The 2018 bill included from the Godfather of Modern Streamer Fishing Kelly Galloup, returning for the third time; fellow Michigan icon Russ Maddin; Angler’s Choice Flies’ Michael Schmidt who has done much to fuel the explosion in streamer design.

Our own designers and guides Chad Johnson (Montana Fly Co.), Alex Lafkas (Catch Flies) and Steve Dally (Rainy’s Flies) will be tying, alongside video guru Brian Wise and Missouri guide and buddy Jeff Trigg.


The real fun starts at 6.30 pm when doors open:  This is no stuffy tying demonstration: interaction between tyers and attendees is encouraged. The one fly per shift rule means tyers , aren’t stuck behind the vise, are spending plenty of time mingling with the crowd and answering questions, trading yarns and generally having fun.

Rob Williams from Shawnee-Supreme Boats in Midway gets huge kudos from us, not only building the boats we fish out of but sponsoring the evening’s dining.

Every fly tied goes into a serious streamer fly box, this year from Montana Fly Co, which is the main prize in the raffle. Yeti have been huge in donating some awesome coolers as prizes for the past 3 years, and a huge part in us raising over $2000 for river conservation. Our other vendors normally offer up some other serious contributions for the raffle.

As well we probably have the best schwag bags of any show in the country that make it worth arriving early. Around the first 100 through the door will get bags, then we normally set some aside for random drawing during the evening.

In conjunction with the event, we also have a very popular series of classes and events during January, for some quality learning.

Thanks to our Sponsors: Shawnee/Supreme Boats; YETI; Farbanks Brands (Sage, RIO & Redington); Sweetwater Brewng; TFO; Orvis; Rainy’s Flies; Montana Fly Co; Renzetti; Fishpond; Umpqua Feather Merchants; Hareline Dubbing; Wapsi; Whiting Farms; FlyMen Fishing Co; Howler Bros., Rising.