Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 9-30-15

Brian Googins with a thick White River brown trout with Gabe

Anglers familiar and unfamiliar with the White River system often plan a fishing trip here in the fall. Brothers Barry and Emil Turner have fished with Dally’s guides countless times, and enjoyed a solid day on the Norfork with Ben Levin, landing plenty of quality rainbows and a couple of hefty browns. Bryan Googins made his inaugural trip to the White River from Florida, learned to throw streamers with Gabe Levin, and was rewarded with his biggest brown trout to date.

It’s a beautiful time of year with the turning of the leaves and the mild, pleasant weather, rivaled in scenery and comfort only by the vibrant spring months. The autumn brown trout spawn is also an exciting event to witness, and more and more anglers are showing their love for wild fish by leaving these precious trout unmolested during their reproductive phase. The high flows that will likely continue into November may reduce the amount of ideal spawning habitat, but will in turn offer better protection from excessive angling pressure. When the flows return to their normal fluctuations later in the fall, expect to see a large population of fat, healthy trout well conditioned from months of high water and abundant food.

Emile Turner

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Fly Fishing Fair Sale 2015


    IT’S been a frenzy around here as normal the week before the FFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair, racking, stacking and marking down our end of season sales _ and have we got some goodies for y’all.

The high water has left us heavier in inventory in a number of categories, mostly to do with wading, and you get the benefits. We have stacks of Redington wader and wading boots, Fishpond waist packs and sling packs, Umpqua packs and bags, Simms accessories.

We are also closing out clothing from Simms, Howler Bros, Redington, and Orvis, we have restocked the $1 fly bins with flies which weren’t getting the attention they deserved. The boss has said its gotta go.

And while you are making your way through the sales items, and all the new fall/winter season product we have been amassing don’t forget to sign up for your shot at winning a new SAGE BOLT rod.

Its going to be fun week.

A Thank You from the Frenchs

Big smiles for Gabe and JR French _ all images David French

I received a great email from David French after he and his father JR’s visit last week, and what a hoot it was. Gabe and I enjoyed it immensely and thanks for the kind words.

Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to Gabe Levin and Steve Dally and all of the crew at Dally’s.

I don’t even know where to start, ya’ll made Dad and I feel welcome from the moment we walked through the door until we left a week later. The time spent on the water with Gabe and Mr. Steve was an absolute blast and a heck of an education.

Caught more fish than we could keep track of and some nice ones. More importantly we were able to spend 4 days fishing with men that have a passion for and knowledge of fly fishing the likes of which I had never seen.

It’s not all about the fish, great company and incredible scenery alone are worth the trip. Can’t wait for our next trip, hope to see ya’ll in February. David French

David with his first hopper brown trout

Gabe and JR on Norfork

Running to another drift on the White

Rowing the Norfork

Ending a day at Buffalo City

Rod Tune Ups for the FF Fair

Don’t Be This Guy


Fly casting can be enough of a challenge without your rod and line working against you. Swing by the fly shop over the Fly Fishing Fair weekend (Oct. 2 + 3) with your favorite outfit and we will help you tune the best fly line setup for your casting style, the fishing techniques you practice every day or the one’s you want to try.

You will also be able to enter in the running to win a $650 Sage BOLT fly rod, plus check out the Sage, Rio and Redington range, while you’re here with Darin Steve and Alex from the Farbank brands.

There will also be plenty to do at the Fair as always, including presentations by our own Chad Johnson & Steve Dally. Pick up the form below at the Sage, Redington and RIO booth at the Fair, or print out the vesion below, to get your entry in.

We will have an extensive lineup of RIO fly lines available to be cast at the shop on your rods. Modern flylines are built with very specific characteristics and performance in mind _ each a tool for a style of fishing, a style of rod or a casting stroke..

Our tuneup service offers the unique ability to cast array of the best performing fly lines on the Market, head to head with expert advise. Plus its going to be a fun fun weekend.

Chad Johnson – 4 Seasons on the White Presentation

IF you want a better insight into the seasonal moods and shifts on the White River system, and how to fish year around, there in none better than our head guide Chad Johnson.

Chad is hosting free classes at the Fly Fishing Fair this Friday and Saturday  at 10 am titled “4 Seasons on the White”. “Mississippi” will cover the hatches, the flies needed to fish them and most importantly the techniques involved.

Johnson is super informative, very laid back and you will learn a lot while having fun.

The 4 Seasons include: 

  • Spring: caddis pupa, emerger, adult.
  • Summer: hopper dropper- adult hoppers, nymph dropper.
  • Fall: eggs, nymph dropper.
  • Winter: streamers, sculpin, minnows, smaller trout.

Chad Johnson -4 Seasons on the White – FREE     Location: Seminar Room      Time: Friday 10am    Class also offered: Saturday 10am