Aquasoul: The Hunt for The Blue Bastard

Awesome trailer here for Brett Godfrey’s film Aquasoul: Two Paths, One Destination, which follows fly anglers Peter Morse and Brett Wilson to fish little visited waters inside the Great Barrier Reef.

The footage is killer with big GTs, queenies and of course the elusive Blue Bastard: a species of jack crevalle.

Dig It

On The Water with Mississippi

Mississippi, Matt and his brown and Banning on some field testing Friday

YOU might think from some of the content on here that the crew around the shop spend all our water time together. Ask that is the shop and your likely to be met with raucous laughter.

What we end up with are snatched moments here and there, an afternoon or evening. They also happen to be a hell of a lot of fun

Friday I climbed aboard head guide Chad “Mississippi” Johnson’s river boat, with his fishermen our TFO/Umpqua/Howler rep and buddy Banning Collins and Umpqua tyer Matt Bennett who were in town on some meetings. I wanted some new pics for our revamped website.

Fun afternoon including Matt’s biggest brown trout to date. Hope you enjoy the pics

The net job, 20” of white river brown trout on a Chad Johnson streamer coming to the boat

Banning enjoying ride with Mississippi at the helm

On the sticks, a fun afternoon on the big water

Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 8/27/15

Parker Tuley with a fat streamer brown.

Catching White River trout in high water conditions requires a different look at currents and depth than in low water. When the river is low, say less than 2,000cfs, the fish are fairly concentrated in the deeper pools and runs where they feel more comfortable as opposed to the shallow, exposed edges of the river. When the river is high, let’s say over 10,000cfs, the current is strong enough on the steep banks and in the deep runs that trout will try to escape to slower moving areas to rest or feed on whatever else settles out of the current.

Once you find the high water areas where trout feel comfortable, you need a high water presentation to match. Generally the same flies that you favor in low water will work in high flows, but you may need to up the size, weight, and brightness. Heavy tungsten nymphs, oversized midge patterns, and bright San Juan worms are all standard high water fare. Given a good piece of water holding hungry trout, usually all that’s needed is to get your flies deep enough to reach them. Longer leaders help, but simply fishing a longer leader isn’t going to get your flies deeper in fast moving water unless you also add more weight. As a test, keep your eye on that bright red San Juan worm after you cast it out – if you still see it after drifting several feet, it’s not getting to the fish.

Location and depth make up the bulk of the battle during high flows, but sometimes you need that extra something special to seal the deal. It’s a big river – lots of volume carrying lots of food – something has to convince the fish to move for your rig. For example, I like to use a more sparkly, reflective dubbing (Ice Dubbing or UV Dubbing) for my high water nymphs to grab a little more fish attention. Another trick you can use to get your flies noticed is colored bead heads. I like a #14 Sunday Special tied with a pink or orange tungsten head. Perhaps it has more to do with angler confidence than the actual preferences of trout, but either way the little things do matter, and special attention should be given to detail even in 15,000cfs.

Johnny Walker with a fine Norfork bow while fishing with Ben Levin

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Sara Grace Rocks

Sarah Grace with a friend on Dry Run


Received a great note Saturday from Bill Pickens, of his grand-daughter _ including a video of her tying flies which we couldn’t open. But this is a whole bunch of awesome

Thanks mate


Sarah Grace, my eight year old granddaughter is a child with many talents; she is a leader at her school, she takes piano, runs cross country,  AND she loves to fly fish, learning to tie flies, loves to ride the 4 wheeler. BEST of all, she loves Nana and Pops.

This girl has it all (so do we)

Bill Pickens


Out on the big river

FlyMen Fishing Co. Fly Tying Contest



Beyond the round bead.

Since we launched our Nymph-Head® Evolution™ beadheads, we’ve been seeing more and more photos of amazing flies tied by our customers on social media. We know what we’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg, so we’re having a fly tying contest. It starts now, with the preliminary rounds ending on Friday, October 9.

Tie flies. Post photos. Win prizes.

It’s easy to enter. Just tie a fly and snap a picture. No complicated, time-consuming signup (unless you win, in which case we’ll just need your shipping address to send you your awesome prizes).

  1. Tie a fly with a Nymph-Head® Evolution™ beadhead and take a picture of it. 
  2. Post the photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, tag us in it (make sure you’re following us!), and hashtag #beyondtheroundbead2015.

The Flymen team will vote to choose 1 weekly winner for 8 weeks. Winners will be announced on the Friday of each week. Each winner will be sent a Nymph-Head Evolution prize pack (a $60 retail value!). The criteria for winning can be anything from realism to creativity, so go crazy with your design. As a company based heavily on innovation, we love seeing new ideas.

Past photos count, so if you’ve already posted some awesome Evolution flies of your own design, you should go back to tag us in them and add the hashtag #beyondtheroundbead2015. One may be a winner! This also means that a photo you post on the first week could be a winner on the eighth week.

The final round.

At the end of the 8 weeks, we will post the 8 winners as finalists for the grand prize. After a 1-week voting period, the grand prize will be given to the tier who tied the fly with the most likes. We will post the official voting to one platform, our Instagram, to make sure there is no double voting.

The grand prize.

Winner’s choice: A Fish-Skull® Fly-Tester™ ($285 retail value!) or a Nymph-Head Evolution prize pack of equal value. 

Ready, set, go!

The first weekly winner won’t be announced until Friday, August 21, but order some Evolution beadheads or grab some from Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher and start tying and posting photos now!


Full Details here.

Gage And Gene _ Chad Johnson Report

Gage with a nice brown with Chad _ Chad Johnson image


What a great day on the water with Mr. Gene and his grandson Gage. As you know from the last report with Gage, he had out grown Dry Run and wanted to fish the big rivers and boy did it pay off this trip! With longer cast, better hook sets, we got into them good and he picked up on fighting big fish fast. Good job Gage!

It is really rewarding to see kids get better as we go into what might be their new hobby. On top of all that Mr. Gene caught the biggest cutthroat trout I have ever had in my boat at 23″ as far as a grandson & grandpa trip it does not get any better than this. Thanks for the work guys!! 


Gage, Gene and that Cutty _ Chad Johnson image