Dally’s How To: Fly Gear Upkeep


IT IS that time of year again: switching off the heavy winter rods and sinking lines back to the light trout sticks and floating lines.

And whether the gear has been in heavy use or in storage they can always use a little spruce up. Here’s our tips for keeping your precious keep in tip top shape and lasting longer.

FLY ROD: The best cleaning method is warm water detergent and a soft cloth. But always dry completely and Never put your rod away wet. I once left a rod among a pile of rain sodden waders and jackets and a swollen butt is no laughing matter: truly its impossible to get a reel to seat. If you want your rod really shiny Sage Fly rods recommend furniture polish.

FLY REELS:  These days fly reels, with sealed drag components, don’t need much more than a rinse off after freshwater use. Saltwater reels need a much more comprehensive wash to ensure there is no sand or salt residue. Back off the drag between uses. If your reel doesn’t have a sealed drag follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

FLY LINE: If you have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you will know a towel is “about the most massively useful thing” you can carry. But I bet you didn’t know a towel has magical powers to rejuvenate sinking fly line tips on out waters. Get a section wet and pull the line through the towel. It will remove the limey gunk on the line and boom, you are back floating.

Soap and water is an awesome treatment at the end of the day for cleaning line, and then use the manufacturer’s recommended line treatment.

WADERS: Always hang your waders to dry at the end of the day. Then  turn them inside out to dry the inside. If you are fishing a lot in humid conditions even a few days of not drying the inside can lead to bacterial or mold growth which ultimately will compromise the waterproofing.

Waders should be washed by hand, in a bathtub, in cold water using a powder detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry, including the feet. Packaging or storing your waders wet may result in mildew and tape peeling. Simms Waders should not be dry-cleaned or put in the dryer. A water repellent treatment, such as Revivex®, will rejuvenate the water resistant finish on your waders. Simms Wader Care