The Hat Far Afield

Sarah Saladin in her favorite fishing hat with a gorgeous Iceland brown trout

APPARENTLY y’all are off running around this summer judging by some of the images coming through my email over the last couple of weeks.

I knew Sarah Saladin was heading to Iceland for a graduation trip for youngest son Michael, then up popped this image. One of those special places ….. can’t wait to hear more.

Barry Turner and Kevin Vincent say hi

Then I got the photo above. Imagine that you fly down into the Caribbean and sitting at the breakfast table is another guy in a hat from the same fly shop. Kevin Vincent meet Barry Turner.

KV also ensured that I’d have to do some fancy editing of the images to protect delicate sensibilities by talking Barry into doing a humorous “wave” common among a certain group of friends. Leading Barry astray apparently it didn’t affect KV fishing karma.

Check out the permit images _ awesome. Hope Barry scored as well.

Thanks for the pictures you Kevin, Barry and Sarah, hope to see y’all soon.

Permit one for KV
Another one, love this shot