Fly Of The Week: Hada’s Creek Crawler


Hada’s Creek Crawler in Olive and Tan


IF there is a must have in any Ozark Smallmouth fly fisher’s box it has to be the Creek Crawler, or Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser or both.

Which makes it hard to pick this week’s fly of the week.

The Creek Crawler is that slow and deep presentation, get to the bottom and who passes up a juicy lobster tail. The genius of the Hada design, aside from the artists touch on the shellback was the choice of Hen Wings rather than the ubiquitous rabbit strips.

Hen doesn’t add bouyancy like rabbit does, meaning this fly gets down where the real thing lines and where sallmouth find them.

The Craft Fur Clouser is a fast tie representation of our native creek minnows in color schemes you don ‘t find in many flyshops. You can buy all the olive or chatruese Clousers you need anywhere but the tan or brown back over a black center and a white belly can only be found in these flies.

The Craft Fur adds a little extra wiggle on a slow retrieve.

When they aren’t eating crawdads then “minners” are probably on the menu. Ok we can’t pick one, get them both

call to order the crawler stocks limited.

And if you want to learn how to fish them call the shop on 870 435 6166 and book Duane Hada, the Levin brothers or Chad Johnson to open the door on the magical works of Ozark wild creeks

Hefty Ozark Smallmouth Bass from yesterday by Duane Hada. All images below courtesy Duane Hada