Head guide Chad Johnson and Maddie Hellerich with a thumper rainbow off Dy Run Creek

Last week’s fishing report discussed the predeliction we all havefor talking ourselves out of fishing.

Too damn windy, water’s too high, water is too low, can’t wade or can’t float, too stormy, too hot, too foggy. If we didn’t want perfect conditions we’d get a lot more fishing done.

But what has really blown me away is the quality of fish and fishing people have been getting out and chasing both with our guides and on their own.

We have had browns on streamers, browns on nymphs, big smallmouth in the creeks, and big stripers off the tailwaters. And Dry Run Creek rocks whether you are under 16 or not.

Check out the images from this week amidst the rest of the fishing report. It’s why we say the only way you can guarantee not have great fishing in staying home.

Bill Thorne and Jason Loyd specing some downtime with Chad Johnson on Crooked Creek
Jeff Brodnax’s receint 24″ streamer brown:Alyssa Endres image

WHITE RIVER: The White is running high and fas, it can be a little daunting if you aren’t familiar with moving water.  But if you are it’s the equivalent of an interstate, fast and flat, and make all your decisions early.

The nymphing worm bite is good, but its the case of long leaders, heavy split shot and get it deep.Try Cheetos, ahead of assorted San Juans, pink has been the color our guides have been chasing all week.

Fish in tight to flooded islands and places where food can be washed off flooded ground.  .

The streamer bite is still solid, try BFH Double Deceivers, Modern Deceivers Twerking Minnows and Sluggos. Olive and Yellow and White have been strong. You might pick up a bonus fish like a striper, hybrid or walleye.

Lance Wilburn sent us this striper pic on Norfork on a streamer outfit.

NORFORK: Last week’s morning respite from round the clock generation has faded away. But there is some very good fishing on the higher flows, with nymphs deep.

Fish red and pink or white worms deep with regular beahhead eggs or cheetos.

Streamers can work well, a big white pattern helped Lance to his striper for trout and bonus fish.

Bill Thorne pulled this hognose sucker from Crookd creek on a Crawdad pattern