Tying Fuzzel Flies

Size, shape, color are no doubt important but lesser factors to the “IT” factor we often term “buggy” _ as in that fly looks “buggy”.  Muz Wilson’s flies are buggy.How else do we fool a fish which we know can select itsy-bitsy food items yet eyeball scientists (which we think is their correct title) say actually have quite fuzzy, even myopic, vision. That is yet another contradiction we fly fishers blithely ignore since bugginess works.

“Bugginess” often gets adopted to messy flies, with odd and ends of material sticking out, carefully plotted loose fibers, waving in any current, simulating movement, hopefully shouting to a hungry trout “I’m alive”.

Murray Wilson’s flies always look alive. Muz (any Aussie named Murray is always Muz) is probably Australia’s equivalent to “Copper” John Barr, their flies appeal to fly fishers and more importantly the trout and can be purchased on name alone. The Journal left Oz with Muz’s BMS and Hammerhead streamers in his flybox and they were eaten from Baja to Bozeman to Beaver Tailwater.
Muz’s BMS

Muz also happens to be a good bloke in the Aussie vernacular and we aren’t sure whose accent causes more consternation among the Mountain River crew when they telephone, Muz’s or my father’s.

A couple of years back via the Flylife magazine network the Journal started hearing rumors of a new Muz technique, the Fuzzle series. It took some pretty serious horsetrading and a fair bit of time to actually get some of these off Muz’s vice and into my flybox. Like the BMS the Fuzzels involved dubbing long flowing fibres and teasing them out into a translucent waving halo, the difference was the dubbing wasn’t added to the thread. The Fuzzel Buggers we received have the dubbing applied directly to a chenille body, the Fuzzel Nymph and Fuzzel Whitebait (minnow) apply the dubbing to translucent tubing.
The Journal has been playing with a Fuzzel Sowbug pattern for the White and Norfork, and we are pondering a Fuzzel Shad for the ’08 kill. Our premier tyer Jim Mengle saw the video you are about to see and came in for materials for the Fuzzel Bugger. The Fuzzel Grub below has some serious caddis application for spring, and possibly a midge. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Fuzzel Grub

We are working with Muz to see if we can import his special Fuzzel Dub from Australia, without costing you an arm or a leg, but there are alternatives. Davy Wotton’s SLF was the starting point for all Muz’s streamers, Ice Dub and Prism Dub have applications and we have been using some naturals. Choose any body materials you like from wire to chenille, yarn and tubing. The only other essential item is your Velcro brush. The instructions are simple, buy a popsicle, eat it, get the hook side of a piece of Velcro and stick it to the stick.


For about a year we had, courtesy of Aussie filmmaker John Haenke’s very nice Fly Fishing Downloads website is the Tying Video of the Fuzzel Bugger. Unfortunately that video is no longer available free but available through the site for US $5. The video actually covers the capture and release of a 20lb Brown Trout in my Tasmanian homewaters and the tying steps. Click here

For more tying inspirations, and patterns using the Fuzzel techniques like the Grub and Minnow, try the reading Muz’s Fuss About Fuzzel from the Flylife Magazine website.
Or come into the store and talk to Steve or Jim.


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