The Davy Knot Video

From our good mate and custom fly designer Davy Wotton, come the Davy Knot. Its a 100% not that ties very easily once you get it down.

Davy also offered some tips on tying his knot on John Wilson’s Fly Fish Arkansas and Missouri Board

There is one major point to remember when you snug the knot taught. Always hold the tag end and draw the knot down by pulling the tag, while holding the upper. As a rule l hold the fly and tag at the same time.
After the knot has been set tight the tag can be cut, the knot will not slip.

In the case of using a larger hook and fine diameter line, when you make the second over and under turn, do the same again, the knot will not slip, l have used this for tarpon and many other saltwater species.

The above video come from Zach Matthew’s Itinerant Angler Website. If you have problems with video try this diagramatic version from Field & Stream

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