Do you have a basic fly box you would reccomend?

 Question: Do you have a basic fly box you would recommend for the White River? _ Cindy.  

 Answer: We get lots of first timers to Arkansas’ waters, or new comers starting fly fishing wanting a box of basics you can use any day of the year. Sure there are others that will work on one-day, one week, or time of the season.But this is our pick for a reliable starting point for yourself, your friends, or visitors. And we can put together boxes ready for you to pick up, custom orders, and even custom ties.  Check out our Online Fly Selection or Call Us On 870 435 616

 Here’s our basic White River Flybox:

  • Zebra Midges: Black/Silver; Olive; Black/Copper. 16-18-20.
  • Davy’s Super Midge White Tail: Red; Black; Black&Pearl. 14-16 
  • Davy’s Super Midge: Black&Silver; Black&Pearl;. 14-16
  • Knowles’ Ruby Midge Tungsten: 16.
  • Camel Midge: 16-18
  • Tungsten Rainbow Warrior: 18-20
  • McLellan’s Humpback Scud: Olive; Tan; Tan Rainbow, UV Olive, UV Tan. 16-14
  • McLellan’s Woven V-Rib Sowbug: 14-16.
  • Davy’s Sowbug: Gray; Natural; Dark. 14-16-18.
  • Wilson’s Trout Crack: 16-18.
  • Barr’s Copper John: Copper; Red. 14-16
  • Tungsten Pheasant Tail: 16-18-20.
  • Y2K: Orange/Yellow. 12-14.
  • San Juan Worm: Brown, Red. 10-12-14.
  • Dynamite Worm: Brown; Red; Pink. 14.
  • Davy’s Prism Worm: Brown; Red; Pink: 14-16.
  • RedHead Woolly Bugger: Olive. 8-10.
  • Olive Woolly Bugger: BH, standard 8-10.
  • Black Flash-A-Bugger: BH; non BH. 8-10.
  • Ron McQuay’s Anna K Soft Hackle: Green; Black, Purple: 17.
  • Dally Tailwater Soft Hackle: Green/Hot Yellow; Red/Hot Yellow. 14-16.
  • Griffiths Gnat: 16-20.
  • Parachute Adams: 16-18-20.
  • Dave’s Hopper: Yellow 10.
  • Charlie Boy Hopper: Tan. 10.
  • Zoo Cougar: Yellow; Tan: 2.
  • Galloup’s Articulated Fathead: Yellow; Black: 4.
  • Galloup’s Articulated Dungeon: Natural; Olive; Crawdad: 4
  • Circus Peanut: Olive 2.
  • Maddin’s Krakken: White; Black. 4.
  • Conrad Sculpin: Yellow; Black. 2.

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