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JUMP on these great deals on these discontinued Sage reels, rods, boat bags and Redington waders and boots.

The sale on Click Reels, TXL-F rods, technical waist packs and Redington mens Palix wader and boots and women’s Willow wader and boots kicks off with our Demo Day Friday afternoon when we will have the Sage, Rio and Redington team in town. We will have snacks and drinks available and get to cast, pat or checkout the range.

Darin and Steve will also be talking about the new additions to the Sage Range which are coming in the secod half of the year, plus the existing models. The guys will be setting up their trailer and tent out the front of the store on Friday around 2pm and staying through 6pm.

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Test The New Sages At The Fly Fishing Fair


SWING BY the Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher or Sage booths at the Fly Fishing Fair next week and try out the hottest new Sage rods, the SALT and ACCEL rods, and Grace outfits.

The new SALT is a really muscular stick, despite its light feel, that isn’t going to back down in the face of coastal winds, and powerful fish. We are looking forward to strapping one of these up with an Outbound Short Type 6 line and one of the new 8” plus streamers we have been working on since summer to go chase some big brown trout.

The ACCEL is a real revelation, a deliciously smooth, lightweight modern rod without an $800 price tag. Using technology one generation backwards, and some sweet tapers there is a lot to love about the ACCEL. There are some particularly sweet rods for our fishing, the 5wts for all around fishing, the 8wt for streamers and the 6wt is getting a lot of attention from our crew as our next hopper rod.

The Grace series comes in 2 models an 8wt and a 5wt, and is an eye popping pic, from the rod and reel case to the Rio Gold line and the 3200 series reel and rod itself. But it’s not all about the Pink, though this will be high on the list of buying decisions. I really dig the 8’6” rod 5wt, while the 9’ 8wt I’m going to be playing with next week. I know someone who is a pink fan and who needs her own 8wt. SHHHH.

We  also will have a bunch of the new Intouch low stretch flylines you can also check out  _ the Intouch Gold, Grand and Xtreme Indicator_ we have been running these all summer on our own and on guide rods. They are at their best when you need feel on the hookup: soft hackles, buggers, streamers, plus they are lethal on dry fly hookups.

The big question of course, would the low stretch result in more breakoffs on our standard 5x rigs with our fly fishers. The answer pleasantly was none.

The Intouch Xtreme Indicator might the best line for bobbers and nymphing I’ve used, and Ben and I have really notice newcomers to the fly rod really getting results off this line. The taper really turns over nicely, powerfully but without the clunkiness I’ve found on indicator lines in the past. I’m not sure the low stretch has as much advantage in nymphing situations as say bugger fishing, but we’ve caught a lot of fish on it.

These are definitely worth looking at.


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October on the Missouri

Rio’s John Harden with a 22” streamer caught ‘bow


The Missouri River around Craig, Montana, has been on my bucket list for a while now. Its wide, beautifully set and a dry fly haven.

As I’d come to find out planning for this trip, with the Rio crew of Simon Gawesworth; Aaron Stiney and John Harden, plus 3 other Rio dealers from across the country, its considered pretty good streamer water too. Though they do approach it a little differently than we approach it.

The afternoon Baetis hatches were fun though it took me a while to settle down on the hook set, after pitching hoppers for a couple of months and for the sheer fun of it all.

It was also a hoot getting to fish with spey guru and good friend Simon Gawesworth: we have sledged each other over various sports particularly cricket and rugby in the nature of Aussies and the English, for a decade and yet had never shared any water time.  Stay tuned for news an awesome weekend with Simon in 2014.

After plenty of tales from mutual friends from Wisconsin and Michigan, I also drew a day in a boat with Schultzy from Schultz Outfitters in Ann Arbor. He’s good people and if you are up that way you could do plenty worse then get onto his smallie waters.

Schultzy and I had a day pitching meat, big stuff and proved it would work. I had no shame in pinching one of his versions of the Tommy Lynch DDD to nail a good brown.

Having established a some contacts, the Missouri is one place I really want to head back to with a group from the shop. Mark Raisner and his crew at Headhunters are awesome, I’ve got a cook and place in mind to stay with a great view of the river, who’s in?

Hope you enjoy the pics

Mike Kuhner and Simon Gawesworth with a Missouri dry fly brown

Your view next fall _ Aaron Stiney on a favorite flat

Schultzy dry fly rainbow

well taken care of

Not the Ozarks

afternoon head hunting

Kuhnert and Gawesworth with a sweet dry fly ‘bow

mouthful of meat

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Excellent article over on the Gink and Gasoline Blog about fly line care, the why’s and hows. The article, with video, also give a nice plug to one of our favorite but undersung additions this season _ the Rio Fly Line Cleaning Towelette.

This year, RIO came out with an economical fly line cleaning towelette (one towelette per package $0.95) that’s small enough to stow just about anywhere, costs under a buck, and works great for quick fly line cleaning on the water.  I like this product because I can pack several of the pre-packaged towelettes in my pack and I don’t have to remember to pack a bottle of fly line cleaner and a cleaning cloth _ Kent Klewein Gink & Gasoline

With our lime-rich water we often get complaints about the tips of lines not floating and this is a quick and easy way to stay in the game. Look for the fishbowl on the counter.

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The Perception is a Suprise

One of the Perception’s victims

RIO’S new Perception line had a fairly low key midsummer release and while I’m only been running mine a few weeks I’m already getting superstitious about it.

A few things you will notice immediately 3 color system and the running line. Its not a sharkskin where the texture is part of the design. rather  the coating applied over that low stretch core doesn’t fill in all the gaps and be super smooth like most Rio lines.  I like the way it casts _ running a WF6F on 9′ 6wt Sage One _ for hoppers. Haven’t had a chance to indicator fish it yet but I’m definitely digging it for the hopper bite, you get a much more direct connect when you stick a fish

I’ve had a lot of guys in my boat using this rig and its way easier to deal with the bigger terrestrials than the 5wt they are bringing along _ in part you can account for that with the step up in rod weight.

A couple of times I did remark on the hookup rate of my fly fishers running about 90% on dry fly eats, pretty high for this sort of fishing, but put it down to their good karma. Then I swapped lines on that rod back to another Rio (having a couple of novices in the boat) and ran that for a week including for some good fly fishers. Hookup rate plummeted, one day it was like one in 4 on a red letter day with a lot of smaller browns dialing in on terrestrials under the trees. Now on dry fly eats there’s lots of margin for human error so I’m not bold enough to say its going to give you a 90% hook up rate.

But the thought there could be a real edge there in hookup rate, plus the fact this line was used on 2 of 3 two- footers, has the Perception back on that six weight.

We have line weight 4-5-6 in stock right now $84.95

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JUST GETTING stocked out is Rio’s hottest new fly line the company’s first floating line with its new low-stretch Connect Core.

The Perception is designed to be Rio’s frontline trout floating line.

The Rio crew keep using the word “sensitivity” regarding this line, which automatically makes one assume this is in regard to detecting eats when working buggers or soft hackles etc. But explore this concept a little further and you will find those who have cast the line that the sensitivity also aides timing when casting, mending and lifting line from the water.

The head is shorter than the Rio Grand but with a longer staggered front _ We are going to be fishing this line hard through hopper season. Rio’s press release below:


RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is proud to announce the release of the RIO Perception trout line; offering unprecedented casting control and instantaneous feel.

The RIO Perception is a revolutionary floating line that helps trout anglers connect with more fish than ever before. Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology, the RIO Perception lines provide pioneering levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and significantly reduced reaction time when setting the hook.

The exclusive SureFire tri-color system improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances with a quick glance. RIO Perception lines feature MaxCast hydrophobic coating, MaxFloat Tip technology and AgentX slickening formula. It all adds up to improved casting, better fishing and most importantly, more fish.

RIO Perception lines are available in WF3F through WF8F in both light green/camo/tan and camo/tan/gray color options, and with a recommended retail price of $89.95.

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    Busier Than A One Armed Wallpaper Hanger

    ITS That time of year again when the UPs and Fed Ex trucks keep showing up almost daily with new items getting added to our inventory and restocking after January.

    Last week we had a monster Wapsi order to get our shelves back in order, and then the first of the new season’s Simms lineup. Yesterday in rolled our first 2012 FarBank order, with Sage Rio and Redington products. I reckon we looked like army ants tracking the boxes in from the Fed Ex truck.

    As usual we brought in the stuff you need like the Rio Fly lines that set the standard on trout fisheries, the Rio Gold and Grand, plus we have finally got caught up on Outbound Shorts which have become the streamer line to have for chasing trophy browns. Low Water bugger fishers should enjoy the new Rio Lake Hover lines which have a super slow sink rate.

    We have added Rio Classic Hand Tied Leaders for the traditionalist, and you will now find a more extensive selection of lengths and breaking strain to suit various water flows and fishing tactics. There is a whole bunch more we will detail over the next few days, or just swing by and check out the range.

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    G&G Photo Contest

    Ok you have 36 hours.

    Delve into your photo files and pick 3 to send to the Gink and Gasoline Photo Contest.

    You might win stuff from Redington, Fishpond and Rio.

    Have a look around some other cool content. Kent and Louis are bringing some effort.

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    Rio New Site


    Rio launched a new website earlier this month, and its really worth poking your way through.

    The Rio site has a pretty cool line selector to help choose the right flyline from their extensive selection, plus videos and a blog.

    There is also a nice section on proper line cleaning, something we get asked about quite a bit.

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    Outbounds back in stock

    The Rio Outbound Short


    WE have just unpacked new stocks of the Rio Outbound Short and Outbound Tungsten Custom fast sinking flylines for streamer tossing on trophy trout on the White and Norfork. Everytime we get these in they fly out the doors.

     The Outbound Short has become the go to streamer line for several of our guides, though SA Streamer Express is rated highly as well. The Short 30′ head sinks at 6″ to 7″ a second, and the intermediate running line is both easy to handle and allows a nice direct connection to the sinking head.

    But its in the casting of larger streamers where this line really sings. Here’s Rio’s take on them:

    They are ideal for wading anglers or for coping with tough winds and big flies when a short head is necessary. The head is only 30 ft long and ensures fast, one-shot casts for maximum distance. The lighter sized lines are excellent for the trout angler fishing out of a drift boat and without doubt the very best choice of line for float tubers, while the larger sizes are particularly useful for the striper fly fisher.

    Personally we like the fast cycle casting with these, you definately can get more casts away as you drift a bank, which means more time your flies are in the water, more holding lies are hit and more chances at fish. The Outbounds also seem to have a more trouble free running line _ though tangled running line seems to be just part of the game.

    But if you are after the ultimate in sink rate and depth with your streamer fishing, be it trout on the White or stripers too, then have a good long look at the Tungsten Custom Outbound series. The T-14 sinks at 8-9 inches persecond, the T-11 at 7″ to 8″ per second.

    You simply cut the 35′ level head to the appropriate length for your rod. And we can assist in tailoring these lines for you. The Outbound series are $74.95 each.

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    New Rio Tournament Line – Press Release

    RIO Products Releases the Ultimate Tournament Line

    May 3, 2010 (Idaho Falls, ID) – RIO Products is thrilled to release the new Rio Gold Tournament Line designed specifically for long distance casting competitions. After two years of development and testing, the technical engineers at RIO created the ultimate long distance casting line.

    The RIO Gold Tournament Line features a long head of 75 feet (22.5 meters) with a graduated, rear-body taper that gives the line longer flight times and more distance than any other line currently on the market. The ultra-thin running line (0.024” diameter) produces virtually no drag, allowing for ease of casting. Conforming to AFTMA and competition specifications, this line is legal for standard WF5 floating line distance competitions, and is built on a medium stiff, single-strand monofilament core of 15 lbs that ensures high line speed and great loop shape retention.

    “Now that casting competitions are becoming more popular, we decided it would be beneficial to design a line specifically for this use,” reports Simon Gawesworth, Marketing Manager and Line Designer for RIO. “The ease of casting this line is immediately apparent and will be the line of choice for competitors in WF5 floating line distance competitions.”

    The Rio Gold Tournament Line is bright orange in color and available only in a WF5 size. It is 120 feet (37 meters) long and available from all authorized RIO dealers and distributors.

    About RIO Products:

    RIO is a pioneer in developing fly lines, leaders and tippet material to enhance fly fishing experiences across the globe. Offering premium fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, RIO consistently utilizes field experience and scientific testing to create the best products on the market for anglers. Founded 20 years ago in the mountains of Idaho, RIO continues to develop innovative products, design revolutionary tapers and refine performance-driven fly line technologies. For more information about RIO Products, please visit

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    COME ALONG to the Mountain River Fly Shop Family Fun day on Saturday June 20 for a shot at winning a new 9′, 4 weight 4 piece Sage Flight rod.

    The rod, a really sweet low water fly rod for any of the White River tailwaters, headlines a big range of door prizes and giveaways.

    We also have a pair of Kaenon sunglasses valued over $200,  2 pairs of Keen sandals of the winners choice, Rio fly lines,  Cloudveil clothing and more. Every purchase over $10 goes into the draw for the fly rod and sandals, sign up for the Journal and go into a draw for a pair of Kaenon sunglasses.

    There’s a bunch to do, fun starts at 10 and goes till 4 or thereabouts:

    Meet our reps for those technical questions on the best gear in fly fishing: Cary Marcus (Fishpond, Umpqua &Tibor); Eric Kraimer (Simms, Scientific Anglers & Rainys Flies) Mark Shelton (Sage, Rio and Cloudveil) and Collins Illich (Temple Fork Outfitters).

    Fly tying demonstration from custom fly tiers Ben Levin Ben Levin (Duane Hada Flies), Teresa Van Winkle (Davy Wotton Flies) and Danielle Wilkinson (Clint Wilkinson Flies).

    Duane Hada will be showing new works and painting a new piece in the store.

    We have seminars running every half hour from guides and gurus like Davy Wotton, Clint Wilkinson, Erik Kraimer, Duane Hada, Ben Levin, Marc Poulos.

    Meet the guides table where you can quiz our guide team Clint, Marc, Kevin Brandtonies, Chad Johnson and Steve Dally on White River tactics. Click For the Full Schedule

    We have invited along a number of those groups who do important work on our rivers, like Friends of the Rivers and Friends of the Norfork Hatchery, Trout Unlimited, North Arkansas Fly Fishers, plus our friends at Casting For Recovery and Reel Recovery.

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