Gentle Flows Continue

The light flows and spectacular fishing on the White River is likely to continue through this week, as major flooding on the Mississippi River pushes past the confluence with the White River.

The peak of the flood is expected to crest in Memphis tomorrow morning at 48′, just under the highest flood of all time. The bulk of the Mississippi flood was caused by torrential rain a month ago, hundreds of miles away in Upper Catchment, not the deluge we went through. Continue reading “Gentle Flows Continue”

Big Water And Big Trout

Guide Clint Wilkinson and a happy client on the big water ’09

LAST Night’s rainfall has created a moving feast on water flows but unlike ’09 we have a bunch of guides running around with silly grins on their faces.

Unlike ’08, when there were doubts over the unknown, our guides are rubbing their hands together at the prospect of some truly spectacular fishing to come on the White, particularly with some flood gates open. There is going to be a feeding bonanza over the newly flooded ground and fly fishers, who enjoyed the fruits of the last bout of high water, are getting ready to take advantage.

Our dedicated streamer fly fishers are also rubbing their hands together after the drought interrupted streamer season in February.

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Big Jump in Norfork Releases Today _ USACE

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock District of the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers reports that releases from Norfork Dam are increasing to
10,000 cubic feet per second at 5 p.m. today because of additional rain that has
fallen today.  With more rain in the forecast, larger releases could become

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Back To Bull Shoals

Alex Cunningham hold his mother Brenda Dugan's chunky Bull Shoals rainbow

BULL SHOALS Dam was doing its job, hold back the deluge which fell upon the White River basin earlier this week, while Brenda Dugan and her son Alex Cunningham were out on the water together.

It was a day on the White at the Dam as per normal, the water was cold and clear, the fish were solid, hungry and for their girth enormously athletic, and Brenda was giggling at every fish. There was even quite a few waders working the Marion County bank, and catching fish, during the lower morning flows.

The Corp is continue to hold water, and Bull Shoals rising, to protect the Arkansas flatlands, running 1-2 units of real water most of the day, which is flushing the runoff. But as always the clearest water is at Bull Shoals. Between the pair we guestimated in the order of 60 fish, a bunch of double hooksups and some really ncie fish lost, on a mix of Sowbugs, Midges and San Juan Worms.

It was the condition of the fish that was remarkable. Even the short fish were heavy in the should and fat in the belly, and ran all over the river. Good fun time with good people, we’ll be back out today