Wotton Sulphur class A “must”

Our Davy Wotton master class on the White River Sulphur hatch is a must for those wanting to improve their knowledge of the system, according to a graduate of Davy’s Caddis seminars in early March.

Local fly tying devotee and instructor Susan Parsons said she expected the Sulphur class at the fly shop on May 13 to be as education as the caddis seminars.

“If you want to get a better handle on what is happening and how best to succeed while fishing mayfly hatches, this educational seminar is a must.

The sulfur hatch, like the caddis hatches, seem to be getting better and better each year. I expect this
presentation will be every bit as good as the previous, and the lessons learned will
apply to mayfly hatches anywhere.”

The Sulphur hatch has exploded in recent years potentially vying with the renowned spring caddis as a fly fishing trip to be experienced. Davy’s “Sulphur Match The Hatch class Saturday, May 13 will go in depth on the sulphur mayfly and the key life stages for fly fishing.

Participants will learn to tie each of the key stages and the tactics to fish them. After Davy’s highly successful Caddis Mania classes earlier this month demand is expected to be high. Call the shop on 870 435 6166 to book.

Susan said she had training in entomology and, for obvious reasons, a special interest in aquatic entomology. “Davy’s seminar added to my depth of knowledge and gave me new perspective on
how fish react to caddis flies in their environment. I am now better equipped to
effectively fish caddis hatches on our rivers and elsewhere.”

Day 1 of the Class will cost $100 for the day starting at 9.30 am, running until 4pm, with a break for lunch. Materials will be provided to tie some of Davy Wotton’s special patterns. Students should bring vise, bobbin and other basic tools and thread. Power is available for lights.

1.The nymph

2.The early stage emerger

3.The emerger/dun

4.The adult fly

5 The spinner.