Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 3/3/23

Recent Air Force Academy graduate Caleb Baumgartner our with guide Luke Coffey

We’ve had days in the 70’s, the daffodils and dogwoods are blooming. Not to mention I found a beetle on my shoulder just yesterday. I believe it’s safe to say that spring is on its way. With the exception of allergies, spring brings in a heck of a lot of good things to the fly fishing world.

Soon crawfish will begin molting, caddis popping, grass hoppers and beatles will get caught helplessly in the water’s current waiting on the inevitable slurp of a trout.

For all those ready to fish something other than eggs and mopflys, just know it’s coming. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the weather as we continue to feed little white morsels to hungry post spawn trout. 

Aaron with a hefty shad kill brown fishing with Tadd Fore

On the White, bits of shad continue to trickle though intermittently. This keeps mopflys, AR beadheads, and wiggle minnows in play, but this can be a periodic bite.

When white is on, it’s on and it can be spectacular. Just make sure to come with a plan “B”.

Egg patterns are on the menu. For the most part, we are edging on post spawn, however occasional browns are being brought in still full of eggs. Needless to say, eggs will be a high value target in the water system for a bit longer.

Teaming these eggs with a slab of bacon like a mega worm or a sanjuan worm can be pretty productive, especially during or after the rain. On the midge side, ruby midges, sunday specials, and tailwater jigs are all great choices.

Great surface eating shad kill brown for Kyle Hood fishing with Steve Dally

Finally if you happen to have the meat sweats, streamers are still somewhat productive, specifically early in the day. Double decevers, sluggos, twerking minnows, and dungeons are all excellent choices. 

The Fork is fishing really well and has been getting less traffic due to the chances of shad on the White. Egg patterns seem to be the primary focus here, although a mega worm or mopfly can win out on occasion.

Team these up with a ruby midge, sunday special, softhackle, or frenchie and you should be on the right page.

Tadd Fore holding a good looking hen

Caught on the right day, streamers can be very productive. Think sculpin patterns like a mini dungeon, el sculpedo, mike’s peck, and weighted flies that you can bump across the bottom.

Though it’s not spoken of much, shad occasionally run through the Norfork dam similar to how it works on the white.

With this being said, if it’s caught on the right day, AR beadheads, mopflys, and wiggle minnows are something to keep in the box just in case.   

Jason Wilson got his first taste of shadd kill with Steve Dally