Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 2/3/23

Swedish fly tying guru Andreas Andersson found his first trophy Whit River brown this week _ Steve Dally image

As of Wednesday, the dam is officially back open for business. The long absence of pressure and the anadromous nature of trout came together and created some fantastic opportunities. As long as they are not completely ramrodded with fishing pressure this scenario could last for a bit longer.

We have finally been seeing some small bumps in the water level. This is probably due mostly in part to the colder mornings. As those temps warm back up one could expect that the water will level back out to that 35-megawatt range again.

However, I must admit, my water predictions for last week were pretty far off.  It’s anyone’s guess at this point. If the weather predictions remain the same, it appears as though we might be getting clear of the winter precipitation/weather for at least the foreseeable future. There are some colder mornings that hold the possibility of some generation, but the daily highs do look a bit milder. 

On the White, the opening of the dam is really the only “change”. This week has seen some slower fishing days where trout were being a little extra picky.

A double midge combo can often keep you in the game for the most part. I suspect that the dramatic changes in pressure related to our winter weather were at least partially to blame. With a more stable-looking week ahead of us, I suspect that this week should be more productive.

Egg patterns remain the primary food source with occasional days where a pink worm or subtle buggy fly will win out. Teaming these up with a lightning bug jig, Sunday special, or ruby midge seems to keep you in the game.

Chef Rick from Gaston’s Restaurant out with guide Brian Kick

Streamer fishing is getting moving with some serious fish starting to come over the last week under the cloudy skies and higher flows. Olive and White unsurprisingly is a go to. CJ’s Sluggo’s, Dally’s Twerking Minnow, Larkas’ Modern Deceiver, Double Deceivers and Galloups Bangtails are all must haves.

If the streamer game isn’t your thing switch to mop flies, meat whistles, and other high-value type meals.

The Norfork is seeing spurts of boatable water and as a result, is seeing spurts of guide activity. Fishing on the princess river, for the most part, has been pretty good with the exception of a few tough days sprinkled in.

These days mirrored the white for the most part which enforces my desire to blame barometric pressure changes. This milder week should reset things. Egg patterns remain king, much like the White.

Pink worms, blobs, and low-key buggy attractors do occasionally win out. Sunday specials, lightning bug jigs, soft hackles, and ruby midges seem to be the most popular tools of the trade and since we are winter fishing, bait fish patterns are never to be scoffed at.

Try fast sinkers like Dungeons, Circus Peanuts and Fish Skill Twerking Minnows