Dallys Fly Fishing Report 12/30/22

We asked our guides to send us one image as a 2022 highlight. This was Mike Sexton’s (right) guiding his great friend Jerry Arnold

It appears as though we might be free of the freezing temperatures for the next few days, just in time* for the New Year.

The milder temperatures should provide some good opportunities to be outside and grill a bit or go spend some time on the water. With temperatures in a fairly comfortable zone, one would expect to continue seeing lower water.

A beast of a brown any method. Bachelor party celebration for Tom Whetherington with guide Michael Saladin

The rain chances continue to be fairly fluid and when or how much is coming could be anyone’s guess. With that being said, a good dose of rain could throw any expected water trends out the window. Regardless of how you plan on bringing in the New Year, at least it will beat the record-setting lows we just endured.

I must admit I’m ready to shed the thermals and bibs for a few days. With the pending New Year upon us remember to fish responsibly and drink recklessly, or maybe it’s the other way around. I always forget these things.

Either way, it’s still probably better than my trend of buying a yearly gym membership for my 3 days of “resolution exercise”.   

Chad Johnson (left) put Mark Wesner on this hefty female brown

The water on the White has been fairly stable for the last few days and as long as that trend continues, fishing should remain productive.

The lower water and prettier weather create excellent opportunities for long easy drifts. Egg patterns of course are a solid staple this time of year. I will rotate a mega worm or san juan worm in its place from time to time.

Caddis season lived up to its reputation. Guide Luke Coffey found this one for Terri McGeary

Specifically after rains or around silty cut-banks. Teaming these up with ruby midges, Sunday specials, and tailwater jigs seems to keep things interesting.

Streamers continue to be a legitimate option. In lower water, downsizing seems to be the way to go. Sparkle minnows, mini johnsons, and game changers seem to be productive. 

Mike Tardiff came from Maine for streamer browns And scored this monster Norfork rainbow with Steve Dally

The Fork is seeing some minimum flow, which is good news for wade fishermen, drift boat owners, and people alike.

No surprise here, drifting an egg and a Sunday special combo seems to be the algorithm most days. With that being said, super midges, ruby midges, blobs, and mega worms are things to keep on hand.

If you are looking to ditch the bobber, a good ol’ wooly bugger can be hard to beat some days, especially on the Norfork for some reason.

If you are anti-bugger and only throw meaty morsels, they will certainly work as well. Game changers and sparkle minnows are usually my go too, but shoot why not throw an 8in DD. Every day is streamer day if you’re brave enough.

See y’all in 2023

Adrian Hubbard

Ben Levin double fishing caddis browns with the Two Lous on the rods
Jameson Rees with a gorgeous brown fishing with Morgan Guss
Tadd Fore rejoined the Dally’s crew as a guide on the tailwater and the creeks. Matt enjoyed this smalljaws
Brian Kick was prolific putting people onto brown trout. John from St Louis enjoyed this one
Thumper brown trout for an unnamed angler fishing with Duane Bell who was trying to get out of the shot