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With t-minus one more day until Christmas, many of us find ourselves running and gunning trying to make our last-minute preparations.

Soon we will be gathered around friends and family, watching little ones gleam with happiness as they unwrap new toys and trinkets, though inevitably some children will prefer the box over the toy itself.

I must admit, I’ve come to enjoy seeing the correlation between age and the growing importance of new socks and underwear.

The younger generations tend to react as though they have just unopened a box of coal or one of grandma’s hand-knitted sweaters.

Meanwhile, the middle generations at least attempt to act appreciative though, an Xbox or whatever is “hip” now is most definitely the main attraction.

As for my age group, and I may only be speaking for myself, it’s hard to beat some good quality socks and underwear. Regardless of where you stand on new undies, one thing is for sure, and that is that it’s going to be a cold one.

Snowy and cold this morning in Cotter steve dally image

It appears as though we might not get out of freezing temperatures until Monday.

With late and early hours being in the teens or single digits, stay inside if you can, otherwise be careful.   

The White has been fishing well for those willing and able to brave the elements. Oftentimes large fronts like we had roll in on Thursday can kind of shut them on or off and could take a day or two to reset.

If you do decide to go out, make sure to not hold the fish out of water too long in extremely cold weather, it can be even more harmful than in hot weather.

Egg patterns definitely remain the main entree. Team them up with a midge pattern such as a ruby midge, Sunday special, tailwater jig, or super midge.

With the colder weather, we could expect some decent streamer water.

Try double deceivers, big johnsons, and twerking minnows in the bigger water. This early in the season I find myself reaching for more of a rainbow or natural color base, but there is often something to fishing yellow in murky water.  

I would like to assume the Norfork will continue to give us boatable water throughout the day.

Egg patterns seem to be the ticket here as well. Teaming these up with a Sunday special has been the way they want it, but sometimes a soft hackle, super midge, or ruby midge can win out.

If you get out there with an early bump or with cloudy water, a mega worm or blob might come in a little handy until the water clarity improves.

Well, that’s what I’ve got for this week. I wish you all a merry Christmas and I’ll catch ya next week as we roll into the new year!

By Adrian Hubbard

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