Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 11/24/22

Rusty found a buttery winter brown this week steve dally image

As this holiday of overindulgence gives way to the next, it’s hard not to sit back and reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. The little ones surprisingly managed not to kill each other, grandpa finally managed to remember to put his teeth in, and if you cut deep enough, there actually was some edible turkey to be found.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad. I for one always appreciate pie and the inlaws have a stuffing recipe that is one step shy of crack in food form. No matter what you find solace in, just remember to soak it in and enjoy it.

This time of year can easily become hectic and stressful, but that is not what it’s about. Matter of fact, the layout is quite ingenious if you think about it. It starts with a holiday focused on slowing down, taking a step back, and realizing all the little things that have somehow accumulated to create the life you now have.

Nice brown for Brian fishing with Tadd Fore

Then we use this new found enlightenment to try and spread joy to our friends and family. It really is an opportunity to bring the family closer together and focus on what’s truly important.     

Though the weather may be cold and drury, fishing on the White is anything but. The water flows have pretty well been following power pool protocol; the colder it is the more water they push and as it warms up, they run accordingly. If you have any corn leftover, just slap that on a size 12… oh wait, wrong fishing report. Egg patterns! That’s what I meant.

Cold days are good for tying Luke Coffey off the water and tying some size

Egg patterns seem to be the point fly of choice. Team them up with a lightning bug jig, tailwater jig, super midge, or a sunday special. Streamers are starting to gain a little ground, especially in the higher water. Smaller double deceivers, mini dungeons, twerking minnows, and mini johnsons seem to be good choices.

As the temps drop and the water levels climb, I look for the bank fishing with streamers, mop flies, and meatwistles to take hold. As for now, the fish are still fairly dispersed among structures and of course gravel bars.   

The Norfork has been fishing well, but the water has been a little challenging to work with. It would be worth playing with, just pay attention for falling water. Egg patterns are key here as well, though occasionally they will key in on a pink mega worm. Pair these up with sunday specials, ruby midges, tailwater jigs, and frenchies and you should be pointed in the right direction.

By Adrian Hubbard