Dally’s fly Fishing report: 11/17/22

Streamer brown trout warm the soul. Andrew Plagens last week steve dally image

With winter weather on the docket, let’s take a moment to discuss some basic layering techniques I have picked up over the years. In today’s world, we have developed leagues beyond grandpa’s old long johns. Matter of fact, cotton in general is a poor choice to wear next to skin.

The idea is primarily to mitigate the body’s natural tendency to create moisture and only moderately insulate. Wool and modern-day polyester tend to do a pretty good job of this. I might even argue that good-quality socks and undies have changed my life.

brown trout warm the spirit Heath Alloway fishing with Brian Kick

Next, we move to the “mid layer” which is what I use as the legitimate insulating layer. I tend to use fleece and/or water-treated down, like a Primaloft or other similar products. Think cozy fleece sweaters and puffy jackets, the real snuggly stuff. Shoot, they even have battery powered heated vests and jackets now.

Finally, the outer layer. Think of this like a shell that protects you from the elements. I often see people skip this layer and simply use a puffy jacket to serve as a mid and outer layer at the same time. This can work as long as the jacket is specifically made for that and very few are.

Larry Alloway fishing with Brian Kick

You might be surprised how much more heat can be retained by a puffy jacket by simply adding a light windbreaker overtop. Think of it like having all the insulation you wanted in your house, but with no siding, wind would just cut right through it. Hopefully, these little tidbits have helped muddy the water a bit for you. 

Now, for the good stuff. The White is finally being blessed with some water and by golly, the fish seem to like it. Egg patterns seem to be high on the priority list, especially when tag teamed with an enticing midge underneath.

Super midges, tailwater jigs, lightning bug jigs, and Sunday specials seem to be a good start. Streamers seem to be still in the “warm-up” phase, but will occasionally snag a good one. Mini-dungons, sparkle minnows, double deceivers, and twerking minnows would be things to consider.

For a final unsolicited tip, if you notice fish going after your indicator, you might try a hopper. It may be 30 degrees outside for you, but the fish don’t know that yet. 

fall rainbows are bright on the norfork right now .. luke coffey image

The Norfork continues the trend of 30-35 megawatts and the fishing seems to be pretty good. Egg patterns definitely seem to be their main focus. Team these up with sunday specials, frenchies, tailwater jigs, or supermidges and you should be headed in the right direction.

The fish have started to become a little picky on the color and profile of the egg pattern and this seems to change periodically so don’t be afraid to play around a little until you find out what they are on that day.