Huge FlyFisher: Casting Sink TipS

Streamer time is building and its time to think sink tip lines and meatier flies on high flows.

The Huge Fly Fisher Ben Sittig with his take on casting sink tips via Orvis blog. Stay tuned for our January streamer tying and fishing classes.

Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, is back with another informative and humorous, and typically opinionated, video. This time, he explains the best, most efficient way to cast a sinking-tip line. As you’ll see, it has less to do with your casting motion and more to do with figuring out the “sweet spot” in the line itself. Once you’ve found that spot, every pick up and series of false casts is the same–followed by shooting the rest of the line for the cast.

How to Cast Sinking-Tip Lines, Orvis News