AGFC Angler SUrvey Complete

AGFC Trout Management Program Supervisor Christy Graham launching this summer to conduct trout surveys

From the AGFC:

In August, the Trout Management Program completed two, year-long angler surveys on the Bull Shoals Tailwater (White River) and Norfork Tailwater (North Fork River). 

The surveys were part of an effort to collect updated information on angler effort (hours spent fishing), catch, and harvest of trout on the fisheries. The program also collected important information on tackle use, residency, and use of public and private access areas.

Additional information regarding opinions about the trout fisheries was also collected from anglers who agreed to participate in follow-up mail surveys.

The information collected during the surveys will ultimately be used to inform management recommendations (e.g., stocking, fishing regulations) for the fisheries. The participation exhibited by anglers and guides during the surveys was incredible.

Between the two fisheries, we collected information from nearly 2,400 angling parties with close to 4,900 anglers. The willingness by guides to participate in the surveys was key, as guided trips accounted for approximately 38% of all interviews on Bull Shoals Tailwater and 23% of all interviews on Norfork Tailwater. 

We truly appreciate everyone who took part in the surveys and look forward to sharing the results as soon as possible.