Eating On The Drop: takes a long hard look at the how’s and whys of trout eating falling flies, a topic not often discussed.

One of the greatest ongoing mysteries in fly fishing is why trout eat our flies at all. In a resource-rich river, what triggers a trout to choose our fly over the real thing?

Sometimes our presentation of the fly is so dead-on that it is purely convincing. A trout believes it sees another natural, so it eats. Other times, our presentation, or the fly itself, is unusual enough — without being threatening — that a trout is simply curious. It sees our fly as something that might be food, and it can’t resist the instinct to test something out.

So whether they’re convinced or curious, we find trout at the end of our line by fooling them on a fly. And sometimes, it’s that intersection of the two states that elicits the irresistible urge from a fish. Trout eating on the drop is one of those times.

Eating On The Drop — How and Why Trout Eat a Falling Fly