Dally’s Fly Fishing RePort: 8-5-22

William Sewell found this guy during the morning drizzle

As many have noticed, the water this week has thrown us a bit of a curve ball. However as the old saying goes; when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Although the stable water that the fish and guides had grown accustomed to has been thrown out the window, not all is bad. The water fluctuations, if read right, can open some opportunities that we have not seen in a while.

The lower flows that are ranging anywhere from minimum flow to roughly 35 megawatts (~¾ units) are producing some excellent hopper dropper opportunities and seem to be the answer to pumping out numbers.

Kyle Plunkett from the Ozark Podcast put the lessons to good use

If one were to fish in front of or behind the bump, you would be given the opportunity to throw some of the high water tools like Girdle Bugs, bigger Hoppers, and even some streamers, which have seen some love lately. 

The White has been a bit tricky but has still been an excellent fishery. The trick is to monitor the flow and fish accordingly. In the lower water midges like; Ruby Midges, Lightning Bug Jigs, Sunday Specials, and Tailwater Jigs have been successful.

Susan Parson with a pretty female off the low flows_ Steve Dally image

You can run double midges or run a hopper dropper combo if you are looking for a little more of a “purest” feel. Fat Alberts in pink and in black, Big Fat Angies, and other beatle patters still seem to be the favorite top water meals. As the water bumps, size the midges up and run them under a Girdle Bug or simply move your hopper rig over to the banks.

The height of the bumps have been a bit on the dirty side, running on either side of it seems to be ideal. With this being said, if one was deadset on some meat, the height of the bump might not be the worst place to do it.  

Kyle Viet enjoyed this hopper fish

The Norfork has been slightly more stable and therefore has been the answer for many of the guides. As usual it is fishing well, especially if you can stay out of the more congested areas. Things like egg patterns, blobs, and mega worms followed by a midge seems to be the answer.

Word around the water cooler is that they seemed to be heavily feeding on scuds, so things like Sunday Specials, Hunchback Scuds and similar patterns might be the ideal midge of choice.

If that doesn’t seem to be the ticket, Ruby Midges, Tailwater Jigs, Lightning Bug Jigs, and Softhackles are almost always a safe bet.

By Adrian Hubbard