improve your hopper game: Dally on OZARK PODCAST

The two Kyles from the Ozark Podcast, talking hopper fishing with Steve Dally at Rim Shoals Resort

Kyle Veit and Kyle Plunkett from the Ozark Podcast talking hopper tactics with our Steve Dally.

Apparently streamer guy Steve’s favorite time of year is throwing foam at rising brown trout, who knew? At this time of year he is doing 95% hopper trips.

Steve works through hopper basics on this podcast plus delivers if 5 tips to improve your hopper game.

The Kyles then climbed in the boat with Steve for an hour to work on the 5 tips, and scored 2 solid fish, then went out the next day armed with the lesson put it to good use.

For Android users try the spotify link hereIf you are on a Iphone click here.

Kyle and Kyle sit on the banks of the White River with Steve Dally of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher to talk about all things hopper fishing aka. “throwing foam”. Steve takes it beyond the basics and breaks down in detail the 5 ways to make you more effective while hopper fishing. Then after recording, we put away the mics and jumped in the boat with Steve at the helm to put these tips to use. We can personally attest if you do everything he says you will be more efficient, have more fun, and put more big brown trout on the end of your line. Peep the instagram if you don’t believe it.

The 5 tips.

Your stance is your key.

Keep everything in front of you and pick up to recast often.

Strip in before you cast to make the best possible cast you can.

Mend half the line as soon as your fly hits the water.