Tadd on The Ozark Podcast

Friend colleague, and former assistant manager at Dally’s Tadd Fore talks on the Ozark Podcast on local smallmouth.

Kyle Veit hops on over to Yellville, AR to talk with fly fishing guide Tadd Fore to record one of his favorite episodes yet talking about all things Smallmouth Bass. On the banks of Crooked Creek, Tadd holds back no secrets as the guys discuss everything ranging from the smallmouth’s struggle to survive, to their symbolism and importance in the Ozarks, to every which way to get ’em on the line throughout the spring and dry summer. Tadd is also the son-in-law of Duane Hada (Ep. 17) and has picked up more than a couple of cunning ways to catch fish from the Hada family. We got to head out on Crooked Creek with him immediately following the episode