Trout Growth and Movement On DrY Run

A giant brown trout captured by the AGFC Trout Management Program study of Dry Run Creek

Earlier this week, the AGFC Trout Management Program conducted a seasonal tagging event on Dry Run Creek. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the growth and movement of trout on Dry Run Creek and Norfork Tailwater.

A total of 730 trout were collected, of which 85% were Rainbow Trout. We tagged 104 new trout and recaptured 60 trout that were tagged during previous events.

Highlights included a 24 inch Rainbow Trout that was recaptured for the seventh time in three years, and a 30 inch, 17 pound Brown Trout that has been recaptured 4 times and has grown 7 inches since it was tagged in 2020.

We will conduct one more tagging event this fall, which will conclude this three year project. The data we have collected on growth rates and movements will help us evaluate the current regulations on Norfork TW and determine which environmental factors (e.g., flow, temperature, dissolved oxygen) may be driving trout movements.