Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 6/17/22

Anne-Marie Sicklesteel with a nice high water heatwave brown with guide Chad Johnson

If only there was a good way to install air conditioning on a jon boat, this week would have been perfect. With sunny skies and fairly stable water, it has been one of our best sulphur hatches in a long time.

With the weather man forecasting more hot, cloudless days, it can be assumed that our current pattern of high water and afternoon hatches will continue throughout next week.

The Sicklesteel family from Michigan too a day off river fishing and went to Dry Run. John, angler JJ and Matthew

If you are a dry fly fanatic or just curious to see what it’s like, this week might be a good time to try. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated, and not the “Nascar” hydrated that includes natty light or whatever the kids are drinking these days. 

Michael Saladin enjoying some after work entertainment

The White has been running a fairly stable water schedule, although it is a bit on the high side for some people. Girdle bugs and mop flies often with a midge underneath have been the most successful. Try pairing them with Lightning Bug jigs, Tailwater jigs, Frenchies, pheasant tails, and Mercer’s Jiggy PMDs

Jerry Arnold with a sweet dry fly brown fishing with Mike Sexton

Running egg and worm patterns over grass banks in combination with similar midge patterns is a good choice and should only get better as the fish continue to acclimate to the higher water.

Dry fly patterns tend to become a bit more effective in the afternoons, although the early morning feeding fish are not something to neglect. Parachute sulphurs, Quigleys Film Critics, and Epoxyback Emerger PMD’s have been some solid producers. 

Mike Sexton nailed this brown after hours

With an earlier generation schedule, the Norfork is getting a bit more attention. Especially with people trying to avoid the higher water on the White. Egg, worm, and blob patterns teamed with a midge have been the way to go.

Big fish means big grins. John and Matthew Sicklesteel

Ruby midges, tailwater jigs, frenchies, and soft hackles have been the top dropper choices for most. I would be remiss to not acknowledge that the sulphur hatch is happening on the Norfork as well. It would not be a bad idea to search some slower waters for some dry fly opportunities. Carrying over your Quigleys Film Critics, and Epoxyback Emerger PMD’s might just lead to some extra fun.