Odyssey ’22 won and done

Record breaking Odyssey ’22 winners Mike Kromey and Kyle Kosovich and their Orvis sponsored prizes

MISSOURI fly fishers Mike Kromrey and Kyle Kosovich, dominated the 2022 Dally’s All Species Odyssey, finishing with a record breaking 16 species caught and released.

The pair finished 4 species ahead of the next closest teams of David French and Gabe Levin (Creek Chubs) and first timers Hamilton Bell and David Merical (Fly or Die).

Kromrey paid tribute at the closing ceremony to one of his fly fishing mentors, Rick Osborn, who passed away recently. The team spread some of Mr Osborn’s ashes on the White River this weekend.

“I think some of that spirit was with us,’ he said.

Kromrey and Kosovich, both accomplished warmwater and tailwater fly fishers, who now work on water quality in the region, won a pair of new Orvis Blackout rod and Mirage Reel/line outfits worth $1500 each.

Gabe Levin and David French with a creditable second place

Second place, awarded on species point went to Louisiana regular David French and former Dally’s guide Gabe Levin, who each won a pair of Sage Payload fly rods and a matching RIO fly line.

A strong performance from Hamilton Bell and David Merical saw them take third by the narrowest of margins

The Fish or Die team put up an exceptional performance as newcomers to the format though solidly experienced warmwater anglers, finishing just 5 points behind the Creek Chubs. The duo receives a pair of custom colored Nautilus X Reels.

The Fly or Die defied conventional wisdom, driving east, to grab new species for the event, a pickerel and a bowfin, in a move sure to get other teams thinking further afield.

Twenty teams entered the 2022 Odyssey, accepting the challenge of landing as many species as possible in 14 hours of fishing from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. Competitors braved high waters, high sun and hot temperatures throughout the weekend.

Twenty species were totalled for the event while the most prolific scoring fish were Green Sunfish, Longear Sunfish and Smallmouth Bass, ahead of rainbow trout. Ten browns were caught including two trophy class fish.

Jim Stouffer and Paden Wilcox finished 4th place

Fourth place went to regulars MOW1 of Jim Stouffer and Paden Wilcox with 11 species earning themselves a fly rod of choice certificate from Temple Fork Outfitters.

Jack Curtis and Mike Sexton from Ozark Fly Anglers finished 5th

The Ozark Fly Anglers team of Dally’s guide Mike Sexton and regular customer Jack Curtis finished with 10 species, tied with the Oklahoma TU 420 team of Phil Curtis and Scott Hood, but points left the Fly Anglers in the money with a pair of Smith Optics polarised glasses apiece

Thanks to all that joined the fray and enjoyed the silly spirit that is at the heart of the Odyssey, the trials and tribulations of trying to catch oddball fish on a fly.

Thanks to to our many sponsors and supporters including YETI, Orvis, Sage, RIO, Nautilus Reels, TFO, Simms, Montana Fly Co, Airflo, Sightlines Products, Loon.

And check our our Photo Essay of the event. Seey you next year.