Gearing up for the odyssey

TIME is ticking down for Odyssey competitors, with only days until Saturday’s shotgun start at Dally’s in Cotter.

There is still time to join the 20 teams June 4 + 5 vying for almost $7000 in prizes and more importantly the kudos for having survived the toughest, and most fun, challenge in Ozark fly fishing. We have over 30 species to be targetted for catch and release on fly in 14 hours fishing over the weekend and no team has bettered 15 species

One team has had to have a team member pull out so we are seeking a partner for this team, with an Odyssey veteran remaining. Call the shop on 870 435 6166 and we will get you connected.

The challenge is a test of the fly fisher’s skill, knowledge and ability to rebound from the knocks along the way. One of our helpful guides for competitors details water where you can find our target species. An invaluable tool for non-residents is our Odyssey Fish Finder.

The Odyssey is fast becoming an iconic Ozarks event with more than 20 2-person teams competing last year to see who could catch and release the most species over 24 hours.

Members of this year’s winning team will each take home an Orvis Blackout 9’5″ 5wt Outfit, an great stick for Ozark tailwaters, plus a Mirage LT II disc drag reel and PRO Power Taper line worth $1556 each.

Second placed team members will each get a Sage Payload 8’9″ 7wt, a versatile rod for any Odyssey adventure from streamers for trout, or poppers on the creeks, and RIO fly line worth over $700 each.

Third place is a pair of sharp Nautilus XM reels in custom colors, and the fourth placed team each get a TFO fly rod of their choice. The fifth place team will each receive a pair of Smith Chromapop Sunglasses.

And as always, we have some awesome prizes as drawing for all competitors including 2 Yeti Go Boxes, the new Simms Stash Bag and more.

The Odyssey will start at midday June 4, and competitors will fish until 8pm. Fishing resumes at 6 am Sunday and runs until midday. Competitors need to return to Dally’s in Cotter and check in by 12.45pm. The awards ceremony will be held at 1pm.

There is a mandatory briefing and registration for all teams at 11.15 at the fly shop Saturday morning and all teams cannot leave until the shotgun start.

The rules are simple: teams of two fly fishers will compete to see who can amass the most species over, size doesn’t matter. Fishing will only be conducted during daylight hours (see the Rules) but fishers can use the closed fishing period to change locations, refuel and plan strategy.

Each species must be photographed, with our unique control item, and submitted to the Odyssey HQ via our tournament app. The images will be used to authenticate species and score each team..

In the event of a tie, judges will use our points scoring system, which grades the difficulty of capture of the species to separate the winners.