Dally’s fly Fishing Report 5/26/22

Terri McGeary found this nice brown on the dwindling caddis with Ben Levin

If this week were to be condensed down to one word, “transitional” comes to mind. We have begun to shift from our caddis season into our more traditional spring/ summer style of fishing.

Beetles and grasshoppers are just starting to be seen out and about, bass are getting feisty, pollen is in the air, and random spring showers are a part of life.

John Holler had to lean around a very happy guide Larry McNair

We have seen a bit deeper water and cooler temperatures this week. According to the weatherman, warmer temps are on the way, but I would expect the water to stay the same until Newport regulates back out.

Don’t forget about Dry Run Creek being a great summer haunt for all kids under 16 (and their older guides). Just ask Chad Johnson and Sophia Allen (and Tucker in the background) hanging at the Creek this week. It really is a local treasure.

The Buffalo River is still pouring murky water into the White and the stained water line is visible clear down past the Norfork confluence. Crooked Creek, on the other hand, is relatively clean and is starting to fish fairly well. If you are looking for a spring smallmouth trip, book it now!  

One of a few nice browns on a return to the river for Robert Hime

The last stronghold of caddis seems to be found from Wildcat up to the State Park. In this section, Rootbeer Midges and Sunday specials can still hold true. As this changes, and for the rest of the White River, things like egg and worm patterns followed by midges have been effective when run deep or over grass banks.

Girdle bugs, mop flies, and slump busters are producing nice fish off of rocky banks. If you have a hankering to “throw some meat”, think crawfish and sculpin patterns like Hada’s Crawfish and the El Sculpedo. “Hopper season” is not quite into full swing yet, but some nice fish can be caught off of beetles and smaller hopper patterns. 

Terry Schreiner score with Morgan Guss

The Norfork has been productive this week and as a result, is starting to see more traffic. In lower water, Sunday Specials and Rootbeer Midges are still a solid choice. Caddis drys and small tresterals continue to be productive in slower water and back eddies. When they bump the water up, Blobs, Clown Eggs, and smaller Mop flies followed by midges are the way to go. 

PK beat the rain into town Saturday with a hot run on streamer browns with Steve Dally

Crooked Creek levels are looking good (pending any serious rainfall) and are hovering around the coveted 500 cfs. Look to throw poppers in early mornings and late evenings, then transition to subsurface throughout the day. Our smallmouth guide and guru Tadd Fore was willing to share some “knowledge nuggets”.  He claims to be having luck with Clouser Minnows drifting over shoals and dredging Hada’s Crawfish through the deeper pools. As most locals know, our natural streams like the Buffalo, Crooked Creek, and Big Creek are not fishable year-round, so go out and take advantage of it when you can.