I’ve been hearing about the Devil’s River in Texas for years, most recently from Chad Johnson who tackled the trek with regular customer and Buffalo River outfitter Jeff Brodnax.

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Even in a state as large as Texas, there are few places where one can find themselves out of contact with the civilized world. In remote Southwest Texas near the border town of Del Rio, a ribbon of cool, clear water flows over the limestone bedrock, cutting through the remote cactus covered hills.

The Devils River has been a source of life and sanctuary for those who have called this place home throughout time. The cliffs towering over the river’s gorge are lined with the ancient drawings of the Native Americans who lived along the banks of the river, scratching their existence from the game and fish that inhabited the area.

Today, the river flows as it has for centuries through the harsh Texas landscape. Instead of Native Americans walking the banks of the river, anglers and outdoorsmen paddle the pristine waters of the Devils, looking for solitude, adventure, and a taste of what Texas used to look and feel like. The Devils has become known for its aggressive largemouth and smallmouth bass, but because of its seclusion and serenity, those lucky enough to venture down it often take away more than just a heavy case of bass thumb.

Fly-fishing guide Alvin Dedeaux and tournament fisher Miles Burghoff take on the Devils River and connect over their shared love of angling in The Devils

Yeti Presents: The Devils