Dally’s Fly FiShing Report 5/11/22

Chang Lim from Korea enjoyed his time on the White with Davy Wotton

This week has been a clash of fiberglass and brown trout. Needless to say wade fishermen probably received quite the show as we had our first bout of minimum flow for the year. Even the most experienced of boaters likely “grazed” a rock in the pursuit of the ever elusive brown trout.

Gorgeous fish under sunny skies this week for Kevin Morse with guide Luke Coffey

Luckily for most, the bright sun and low water generated an amazing combination of caddis, big browns, and good times. The weather was almost reminiscent of hopper season with temps in the 90’s. If it wasn’t for the occasional protein snack of a caddis flying into my mouth, I might have ventured to throw a little foam.

First brown trout for new fly fisher Mike Bishop with Steve Dally

As for next week, it is tentatively showing slightly cooler temperatures with rain sprinkled in periodically. This combination will probably, and the key word here is “probably”, result in some higher water as Newport reaches their desired level. 

Nice male fr Rick Cotter with Duane Bell

As for the white river:
Sunday Specials and Rootbeer Midges continue to be the breadwinner as of late, to the point that they are almost considered currency equal to that of cigarettes in prison. In scenarios of high fishing pressure, mixing in things like Prince Nymphs and Frenchies as an attractor can often give the fish a little something different to look at. Team these up with Rubies and smaller Tailwater Jigs and voila your back at it again. 

 If (or when) we see higher water simply size up in correlation to the flows. Caddis should continue to be the primary focus for a bit longer. In the afternoons dry dropper rigs have been producing some nice fish, especially in this lower water. 

Big grin for Jon Lindeman fishing with Davy Wotton


Wade fishermen and drift boat owners continue to be lucky on the princess river with only short bursts of water not nearly long enough to coerce most boat owners to leave the White.

It’s difficult to predict what they will do with the water. It sometimes seems as though the Norfork has a mind of its own, however it’s safe to say whatever happens there will be an eager fat rainbow waiting on the next cast.

Look at continuing to use caddis patterns, Sunday Specials, Rootbeers, and Dally’s Mother’s Day Caddis Jigs. Dry dropper combos or even double drys (for those dare deviling purists) should result in some fun, especially in slower pocket water.