Dally’s Fly Fishing report 5/5/22

Fly Fisher Andy Myers with guide Adrian Hubbard

Editor Note: This week’s fly fishing report, and hopefully more beyond, come from the creative mind of Dally’s guide Adrian Hubbard, who takes over from an illustrious list of notables including the Gale Levin and Junior Schraeder. Wish him well.

 “Bobbers and Water Moths” is what this week is all about. Caddis season is really starting to gear up and this weather has helped prove that.

One moment it is almost a scene from the movie Perfect Storm, next the sun pops and as we begin to shed our layers Caddis (or water moths as they were so cleverly named this week) begin to flurry about in droves.

Heath Gammill found this slab on his first visit to the White River. Steve Dally image

It’s evident that we are simply waiting on a few sunny days with low water to really turn what has been good fishing into phenomenal fishing!

With that being said, the weather forecast looks extremely promising, although we all know that it is about as dependable as the water schedule.

Big smiles for fly fisher Drew Dodson and guide Luke Coffey

Another good factor on our side is the amount of rain we received this week should/could result in low water next week to help mitigate flooding and to meet the water stage requirements at Newport. In essence, next week has the potential to get plum crazy. 

For the important part

Ed Garner has a great week fishing wet flies with Davy Wotton

WHITE RIVER:  This week has been quite good despite the weather and murky water challenges. As one would imagine, the rain has pushed the majority of us up river for the next couple days as the debris clears out.

The water has been fairly steady all things considered and it’s safe to say the fish prefer it that way. Sunday Specials and Rootbeer Midges continue to be the staple and something to not leave the house without.

Caddis imitations such as Mother’s Day Caddis, Peeping Caddis, and varying Soft Hackles continue to produce nice fish.

In the cloudier water things like Frenchie’s and Dally’s Tailwater Jigs continue to show their versatility. If you have an aversion to staring at a bobber all day, Caddis dry flies and even small beetles have begun to see some success. 

Donnie Hubbard’s brown was a fashion plate with big sparse spots


The wade fisherman and drift boat owners continue to be lucky with long periods of minimum flow on the Norfork.

Again the Sunday Specials and Rootbeer Midges will be a go-to, however one cannot underestimate the effectiveness of a Soft Hackle in the hands of a proficient fly fisherman. Davy’s Super Midges and miscellaneous Caddis dries, Elk Hair Caddis in the rough water, and E/C Caddis in the smooth would be an excellent choice as well. 

Adrian Hubbard   

Phil Overton, with guide Luke Coffey