Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 4/28/22

Sophia Allen loved her first White River fly fishing trip with guide Chad Johnson. Feature image courtesy Josh and Kiki Spielmaker

Bent rods, big grins, big clouds of bugs and buttery brown trout were the story of the week.

The 2022 caddis hatch has been epically weird so far, sublime one day spluttering the next.

Patience grasshopper, there is a little minimum flow showing on the schedule tomorrow night.

Bryan Abramovitz found some great fish last weekend

Will it continue through the weekend? Well my crystal ball got swept away in the last flood.

Dave Wiseman loves chasing rising fish on caddis

But we are closer to minimum flow than any time since March and watching the river drop down for a few days would really kick off the caddis in a massive way.

A lot is going to depend on water flows as the dams handle recent, and perhaps more future rainfall. You can only play the hand dealt so be prepared for changing conditions. Either way its going to be a fun time as you can see from the photos this week. Pretty much an embarrassment of riches for all our guides

Gregg Allen continued his brown trout stream with guide Brian Kick

And now onto the remainder of this week’s fishing report


How this for your first day fly fishing. Randy Woods with guide Luke Coffey

It’s been another interesting week on the White with the caddis flows . The good the bad, the ugly and the spectacular all in one week.

The upper part of the river has more bugs, more fish and way more traffic. Look for lower flows to expand the caddis hatch so its easier to get away from the crowds. There has been a lot of one unit water this week, broken up by quick bumps which have not been the fly fisher’s friend dampening the hatch. Cloudy cool days too have been slowing up the bugs. The browns can afford to be patient, they know what is coming if conditions are right.

Sunday Specials have been the hot ticket this year, even double fly rigs, but we are starting to see midges return to favor as well. Jigged patterns like the Peeping caddis, Mother Day Caddis Tailwater Jig and the Devil Jig have been producing and helping smaller Sunday Specials get down in the extra flow.

There has been solid fish caught on dries including the ubiquitous Elk Hair, the E/C Caddis and the Parachute caddis patterns.


Jimmy found this thick fish with guide Larry McNair

The Princess of Tailwaters has been running water from late morning through most of the day, offering both waders and boater a shot at some fun fishing

This type of schedule keeps a lot of fly guides, busy chasing browns on the White, from fishing the Fork so caddis time is a quiet time on the ‘Fork.

Sunday Specials and soft hackle tandems have been solid or try a Knowles or Wotton Midges trailer instead.

The low flow has offered some good dry fly fishing