Dave came up from Tx and found this brown with Michael Saladin

IT was a sniff, the barest taste, a precious morsel of what sort of caddis hatch we could be enjoying, with the right conditions.

Fold in lower flows and sunny skies in spring and it doesn’t take long for the bugs to start popping. And there was bunch of hungry guides lined up for the feasting to start.

The downside was the water flows are scheduled to be back up over 3 units tomorrow and with cloudy skies, it might be a struggle to find hatching caddis. But flows might change, and be ready. After all the plummeting flows weren’ supposted to get down to under 3000 cfs today.

Charley Hale and a pretty hen with Ben Levin

Incidentally with the SWPA schedule page not working, its time to go back old school to the Authority’s recorded schedule message

With the prevalence of smart phones and apps I wonder how many people have the 866 494 1993 schedule number in their phone.

You can pick which day or tailwater you want the information for and using voice prompts you can hear a recording of todays or (after 4.00 pm) the following days schedule.

Josh Spielmaker enjoying some spring shad kill action. Steve Dally image

,And now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report.


Richard enjoyed this White River brown with Morgan Guss

The schedule was indicating a drop to around the 8000 cfs mark the night before last, but down into the 2000 to 3000 cfs was a delightful change and enough to trigger a small caddis hatch in the first 7 or 8 miles below Bull.

It was definately enough to get some brown trout eating caddis, perhaps not every brown but enough for a fun afternoon.

Mike Becker was up with a crew from the Dallas Fly Fishers

Dark bugs were the ticket, so princes, Sunday Specials in tandem with midge pupa were the go. In the higher flows teaming a shaddy white super jig mop with a Sunday Special or Tailwater jib is reliable.


Sam Wells with guide Luke Coffey

Norfork is settliing down to provide mornings of wadeable water and high flow afternoons, as the authorities combat recent rains. Fish blobs and bright colored worms, or Sunday Specilas