Jerry Arnold scored this thumper with guide Mike Sexton _ Michael Saladin image

MARCH can be a funny month, as we emerge from winter into the warmup of spring, buds starting to pop out along the banks.

Winter and spring are fighting for territory as we move from a shad kill into caddis season, neither yet gaining the upper hand. The fishing can swing from spectacular to slow, and everything in between, seemingly in a heartbeat.

Beware the Ides of March, some say. Others put it down to March Madness, one way or another.

Two footer for Geffrey Davis under sunny skies, Steve Dally pic

Some spectacular fish have come to hand, some to shad, some to worms, some to eurojigs .

Flows are easing somewhat on the White, while the Norfork has become the waders playground over the past couple of days. How long it lasts will depend on how much rain comes into early next week.

It is Sowbug Roundup week so anything can happen.

Don Rollins, from Indianapolis with a thick brown with Michael Saladin


The flows have been easing down over the last week as the lake levels have dropped out of flood stage, seeing most flows between 9000 cfs and 12000cfs _ a week earlier significantly higher.

Sowbug week normally delivers some minimum flows at the organising committee’s request. A lot is going to depend what the early in the week rain delivers, and where.

There is still some solid streamer fishing around on the higher flows, particularly under low light periods, or rising flows. Try BFH Twerking Minnows, Double Deceivers, Modern Deceivers and Sluggos and Tiny Dancers in Olive/White, Chartreuse or Olive Yellow.

Steve Stulc found a nice one with Luke Coffey

The same high flows are still couching up some shad. Running Wiggle Minnows and AR Beadheads or deep drifting Super Jig Mops are worthwhile in the Upper River.

High flow nymphing downstream, keep the mops, or big Tailwater Jigs, or Jig Mega Worms and team up with size #16 Tailwater Jigs, San Juans, or Super Midges.

Gene Henry scores another nice brown this week with Marc Poulos


The Princess of Tailwaters had been turning it on for boat fishers over the past few weeks, but Wednesday the powerhouse gave over the river to the waders.

With the forecast we have for next week, the wade window might not last all that long but its going to be fun while it lasts.

Midges and sowbug/scud patterns are the order of the day. Try Knowles Midges, like the Ruby and Rootbeer in tandem with Sunday Specials, or Tailwater Soft Hackles.

Soft Hackles are the order of the day for the emerger eaters showing dorsals and tails in the smooth flats.