Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 2/23/22

Duncan Lippert with a nice streamer brown with Mike Sexton

IT might be brr tonight, but expect a warm up this weekend and into next week.

Precipitation, in its various forms over the last week have seen all the White River lakes ease into flood status, with more expected overnight and into tomorrow.

It’s time to be careful out there, especially towing boats and launching on ramps. No-one wants to join the list of #boatrampchamps on the instagrams, having launched their truck.

It didn’t take Kyle from Asheville, long to tag his first White River brown trout Steve Dally image

Pick a shallow angle ramp, inspect it on foot before attempting to launch and make sure you have enough solid ice free ground to launch. Upgrades on ramps at Wildcat and White Hole now have steeper angles for easier launching in a variety of flows, except when its ice. The “secondary” launches (the older ramps” to one side at both places, and Buffalo City, can still be accessed.

Chris’s many spotted brown trout with Morgan Guss

Make sure your controls, like electric anchors, gear shifts and the like all need to be unfrozen before you launch. Icy boat floors are another hazard. There is no harm in saying wait one more day for better conditions if you are uncertain.

This is supposed to be fun right


Bull Shoals is back up at flood control level by a few inches, though the flood is expected to peak tomorrow.

Expect the unexpected, a sculpin on a 7″ Lafkas Modern Deceiver

At the time of writing the SWPA Schedule for tomorrow was not yet updated, but both lakes were running high and hard.

Rainfall ahead of the winter storm has tributaries running high and brown, which could mean lower flows, while the worst of the precip is coming into the White.

A lot of attention is going to be focussed immediately below Bull Shoals Dam when we see high flows with some short bursts of some smaller than normal shad coming through.

AR Beadheads in smaller sizes are going to be solid, along with super jigh mops and meat whistles. A small wiggle minnow will serve if the shad are on the surface.

GoreTex stops the big casts _ Steve Dally image

On the streamer front, olive and white, has been a go to color whether its in a Deceiver, Tiny Dancer, Sluggo or Modern Deceiver. Olive and yellow is performing solidly when the light drops. Chartruese has been solid on sunny days too.

Expect the unexpected 3: John Kornman pinned this Bonneville Cutt on Norfork on a streamer with Michael Saladin


The Princess of Tailwaters, like Bull, slid into flood stage a week ago but should have peaked yesterday.

Norfork has been fishing solidy on the higher flows, with bright colors and bigger flies, like Mega Worms and Blobs. You can tandem these with Sunday Specials, Tailwater Jigs or Wotton Midges.

Definately keep an eye out for shad, with some Jig Mops in your fly box, alongside the AR Beadheads, Meat Whistles and Wiggle Minnows.