The Tiny Dancer might be Steve Dally’s most popular and successful, streamer getting rave reviews across social media from tyers using it more trout, smallmouth and so much more.

By our rough reckoning we have seen it eaten by largemouth and smallies, browns, rainbows cutties, brookies and tigers, panfish and even gar, and of course pike and musky. Tied in 5″ to 6″ range its a nice representation of many true minnows and juvenile forage fish species, with a predators attracting action.

And unlike the behemoth original Lap Dancer, the Tiny Dancer can be thrown on lighter rods and lighter lines, down to a 6wt. As a floating fly the Tiny Dancer has a myriad of ways to be fished.

A sinking line will lead the fly down (not the “diver head) using an aggressive White River strip and pause produces crazy action. Smaller tug tug tug, tarpon style strips can provoke almost a walk the dog action. For bass, or lighter flows, State pull out the Streamer tip line with a short heavy 10′ type 6 sinking tip and mixes strips and twitches in the ambush zone. It’s equally at home on a floating line for bass drawing aggressive takes.

Enjoy. And if you want to try before you tie Shop Here