More funding for water facilities

FIshing and boating access projects will be in line for double the funding under an updated Marine Fuel Tax agreement between the AGFC and Arkansas Department of Tourism.

The Marine Fuel Tax Program was created in 1970 take a slice of portion of taxes on gasoline purchases, devoted to boats and devote those funds toward public access on Arkansas’s waterways. Traditionally, MFT funds could be used only on boat ramps, parking areas and roads devoted to those boat ramps. 

The agreement will change how the slice of taxes allocation the the MFT program will be calculate to take into account water borne recreation in the 2020s. Bigger outboard motors and the growth of kayaking and canoeing means a bigger share of the pie will be allocated to the MFT. The new program will not just look at ramps and parking but now restrooms, kayak launches, fighting aquatic nuisance species at boat ramps, bank stabilization projects will be open for funding.

On the White we can hope that might warrant better place to tie off boats while accessing the ramp, and better restroom facilities.

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