WE love trophy brown trout but how many of you have been kissed by a Northern Hognose sucker. Clint Lucy has fishing with guide Adrian Hubbard

THERE’S a little something for everyone out there right now, unless you like fishing in shorts and flip flows.

The streamer crew have been enjoying the morning high flows, if your nymphing midges enjoy a sleep in, a long breakfast and wait for the water to drop and the sun come out. There has even been some afternoon wading available on Norfork, after the high morning flows have dropped out.

Adapting to the conditions of the day, and as conditions change during the day can mean the

New shop hand Dillon Hughes, a smallmouth addict, discovering what is so special with brown trout. Steve Dally image

difference between a great session of fly fishing or tears before bedtime. But for White River system regulars that is recipe for success, adapt, move and be prepared to change tactics or where you are fishing.

If its your first time, or you want a better handle on how to get the most out of a trip the guys in the fly shop are an awesome resource, helping you plan your day.

Gorgeous first White River brown trout for Bill Terry with Steve Dally
Big water on the White last weekend


For streamer addicts seeing the White up over island at Cotter is like waking up for a playoff game. A little adrenaline kicks in, and the hairs on the back of the neck rise. At 20,000 plus cfs its a different ball game out there. The river banks scoot past at a serious clip, the eddies under the Cotter railway bridge start to roar and the river is deep and dark. Your mind dreams of krakken emerging to swallow a fly.

The post spawn bite is not yet upon us but there a few early birds needing a large meal in the bigger flows. Double Deceivers in Olive/White and Olive Yellow, Smith/White Twerking Minnows have been popular and the Big Johnson has won over some fish as well.

On lower flows downsize to the Galloup Bangtail, Tiny Dancers and the smaller Sluggoes.

On the lower water combo up midge patterns or Tailwater Jigs with egg patterns through through the deeper pools and the deeper hard banks. Try Ruby Tailwater Jigs, Wotton Super Midges or purple midges.


There hasn’t been a lot of news coming off the Princess of Tailwaters with only short wading windows of an afternoon and high flows in the morning.

If you are fishing the morning flows go heavy and deep with Blobs, Mega Worms or Cheetos ahead of Tailwater Jigs in Black/Copper, Rainbow Warriors or Wotton Midges or perhaps a Sunday Special.

Weighted egg pattern, or sunday special are worth fishing in tandem with smaller Knowles Midges, like the Ruby or Rootbeer