IT’S that time of year when the weird turn pro ….. and start salivating at the thought of big flies, dark skies, heavy rods and of course White River trophy trout.

Streamer time is upon us and we are dragging out some of our old favorites from our core of tyers, whose patterns most days still look fresher than they do. First up CJ’s big Johnson, from the fertile vise of head guide Chad Johnson.

The big Johnson relies on movement and profile to get a big brown’s attention and convince them to eat. No extras like eyes and elbows this is a tomahawk streak to your two foot plus brown trout. Chad has also used this platform to expand the color choice in your fly box, rather than just another olive and yellow.

With fly tying materials being at a premium we are currently not offering the Big Johnson Tying Kits, but shop our fly tying to pick out your selection of materials from the materials list on the video page.

Or Buy the Big Johnson Here