White River flows are up and down every day right now, and having the right sinking line, or lines, available can help make your streamer game more efficient.

The new RIO Elite Predator series joins our range of Outbound Short, Striper and Streamer Tip lines for your year round streamer selection. These lines are low stretch, complex multiple sink rates and floating running lines. Check out the RIO video and See if they fit your game

RIO’s Elite Predator fly line series is the top of the range, finest freshwater big game line series we have ever made – packed with features that enhance and improve the fly fishing experience. This series includes a full floating line, a float / hover / intermediate line, a float / intermediate / sink 3 option, and a float / sink 5 / sink 7 option.

In this video, Chris Walker talks about the key technologies that go into making our top of the range fly lines, and what those technologies do for you as an angler and a caster.

All Elite fly lines are built with RIO’s SlickCast, which creates the slickest, most durable fly line coating ever made. In addition, Elite Predator lines are made on RIO’s low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum control, smoothness and performance.