Fishing, at the heart of it, is a simple game. Find where the fish are, work out what they are eating and feed it to them.

Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer in the Reading Water Chapter of the Fly Fishing Basics video series runs through ways to find where fish live and feed in moving water.

The wide open spaces of the White, even at minimum flow, can be a daunting place for the newcomer, whos is left asking themselves “where do I start”. One way of looking at the problems if to find moving water and break down the expanse into individual streams, using Tom’s techniques.

Check it outTrout are seldom found everyplace in a stream and choose their location based on current, food supply, and protection. Learn how to narrow down your choices by fishing in the most likely places.

You will also learn how to sneak up on trout without scaring them, and special ways you can cast to keep your line out of their view. 

Orvis Basics of Fly Fishing: Chapter 8 Reading Water