Dally’s How T0: Start Tying Flies

A minor technical hitch meant the full article wasn’t accessible last week, so here you go. Steve

SO you have finally decided to take the plunge into the world of fly tying. T

There are many many reasons people, like yourselves start to tie. We most often hear the idea is to “save money” by not buying flies donated to trees, the bottom of the river or to trout themselves.

Sometimes its a curiosity at the craft, or a desire to learn more about trout food, to make a fly for a particular challenge or to simply immerse themselves deeper more into the world of fly fishing. I took up fly tying as a cure to boredom during an adult onset bout of mono.

All bar one (and more on that in a moment) are perfectly valid reasons. It also can be a lot of fun, and for many places in the world, a means to stay connected to fly fishing during closed seasons or bitterly cold seasons.

For some people fly tying becomes the passion over and above the pursuit of our finned quarry, no longer a means but an end in its own right. It can be entrancing, addictive and rewarding.