Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 12/22/21

Morgan Guss found a nice one during a little downtime from the fly shop

A WEEK ago we were talking about the need for some rainfall, now the Dams are doing work, dribbling out the “flood” water from last weekend’s deluge.

Both the White and Norfork are swinging between bursts of big water and minimum flows each day. But with an expected reduction in power demand due to the Holidays and the warm temperatures set to return, it looks like a return to minimum flow this weekend at least.

Beth Holler in winter sun with Duane Bell

The Christmas period in Cotter is always entertaining, with families and friends renewing trout traditions established over many years.

Kevin Ledford found a thick on on the White

For some its the joy of taking kids on Dry Run Creek to light the spark of a lifetime on the fly, or chasing the fish of a lifetime. The same rituals are played out on shoals up and down the White River and Norfork Tailwater. Food friends and fun.

Just not often its done at 70F, no White Christmas this year.

Now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report:

Dave Wiseman caught bigger fish but wanted a photo of his first Tiger Trout


John Holler with a dark brown out with Duane Bell

The big morning pushes of water are pretty dirty, and trashy, but worth a swing with a streamer or two as the water rises. Twerking Minnows, Double Deceivers and Sluggos are definitely worth carrying.

You can drift the big water using bright colors, like a Cheeto or Blob ahead of a San Juan or Mega Worm.

But its probably more productive to fish low in the morning, our ahead of the push, and move upstream back onto low or minimum flow in the afternoon once the water backs down.

Smaller midges (#18s and #20s), like Wotton Super Midges and Knowles’ Ruby and Rootbeer Midges have been the ticket teamed with globugs, Tailwater jigs to suit the water flow.

With the solid numbers of Blue Wing Olives around, having a smaller Pheasant Tail or Micro Mayfly in your rig can be productive

Smaller streamers, including Olive Buggers, Sparkle Minnows and Compelx Twist Buggers have also been picking up fish on minimum flow.

BWOs are a constant on the White Morgan Guss image


As the spate from the North Fork of the White and Bryant Creek in Missouri eases the wide open generation from Norfork Dam is backing off as well.

Minimum flow was an over night affair Tuesday/Wednesday, but today there will be a second minimum flow gap from 1 to 4pm. On short windows like this keep a weather eye on generation changes if you aren’t close enough to the dam to hear the warning siren

Expect the water to be big a dirty on the pushes: Blogs and Sunday Specials or Tailwater Jigs have been useful.

On the low flow downsize, globugs and smaller Sunday Specials, or tan sowbugs, and Knowles Ruby and Rootbeer Midges