Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 12/9/21

Asberene Kick found a good one out with husband and guide Brian

It used to be a joke about the weather in the Ozarks but this week it seems if you don’t like the water flow on the White just wait a couple of hours.

With the cooler temperatures this week, Bull Shoals Dam has been ramping up and down the water morning and night including some big flows Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, with minimum flow in between.

With a warming trend underway the flows are settling, but we will have to wait until Friday night to discover how the powers that be will deal with the cooler temps this weekend

It was fun out there over the weekend as this week’s blog posts, and the images attest. Hopefully the coolweather, wont see a return of the dramatic up and down in flows, rather a more measures response no matter the level.

Crain Tankersly from MO scored this brilliantly colored brown on a Mike’s Pecs _ Steve Dally image

And now for the rest of this week’s fly fishing report:


Parker Tankersley with a nice brown

If you are fishing this weekend, swing by for some local knowledge on the water flows, particularly if the authorities slip back into that up and down mode which has even hardened river guides cussing.

Its not that the fishing won’t be good you are just going to be working, or moving sharpish to stay in the flows you want.

If you are a wader you might be jumping from Wildcat to Roundhouse in the morning, with perhaps a second shift to Rim. It takes a long time for big evening flows to fall our of Rim, so look for the sweet spot, between the two pulses. The shop guys can help a bunch here.

Smaller midges like the Ruby and Rootbeer paired up with a #14 Sunday Special or a Tailwater Jig in a 14 is a solid searching rig. Conehead Rubber legged buggers have been productive as well.

If you are in a river boat you might be looking to fishing in some higher water either the front edge or just past the crest. The big flows move fast and you know you are in too high a water when you get deluged by floating leaves and moss.

Flies with lighter coneheads, or smaller lead eyes like the Sculpzilla or Mike’s Pecs are solid fishing on floating or intermediate lines. If you have sinking leaders or shorter sink tips go with bigger beadless buggers, and lightly weighted patterns.

Sucker on a Tailwater Jig


If the flows on the White have been up and down the river graph on the Norfork looks like a sideon view of the Rockies.

Definately keep you safety in mind wading the ‘Fork, have an exit strategy in mind and keep your eye ont he flows. Small gray or tan scuds are solid, paired up with smaller midges or jigs.

On the big water fish heavy and bright as the rises are fairly off color

There are still some chunkyt bows around too