the way flies sink: TroutBitten

The normal way a jig hook will ride after fishing for a while _ image

Once again Domenick Swentosky is delving into the minutae of fly fishing, and pushing at conventional wisdom. Read on

PS: Davy Wotton looked at some similar issues in an article for this blog before the arrival of the euro jig styles back in 2014

You probably make a lot of assumptions. Me too. And though we all understand the folly of assuming things…… And here’s one that might blow your mind . . .

You don’t need a jig hook to invert the nymph. You don’t need special beads, and you don’t need to mount standard beads in a certain way. In fact almost all nymphs invert, especially when weighted with a bead or lead. Furthermore, nymphs built on a jig hook probably aren’t inverting the way you imagine. And how you attach the knot is much more important than the hook itself.

Troutbitten: “Nymph Hook Inversion — And the Myth of the Jig Hook”