low water scrabbling

Flower growing where the river flowed most of 2021

Eight feet, down and a bottle of rum.

There is something strange about walking the river bottom uncovered for the first time in goodness knows how long. Honestly its almost eerie, as days after day of low flows and warm weather allow the river to drain down to a true minimum flow.

Cold weather overnight is bringing some welcome bumps in flow today (6 units scheduled for a couple of hours tonight). So keep a weather eye on the flows

I’ve puddled around in saltwater rock pools since I was a toddler (which proves the blue ring octopus is overrated). But the fascination of those little watery worlds applies to the damp margins of the White right now.

Poke your way through the damp weed, look under some rocks. If you can keep them dry during the experience you will find young kids enjoy this a bunch.

You generally cant get closer to trout food than right now. It’s also an excellent time to police up trash on the bottom of the river, from drink cans, to lures, fishing lines and flies.

There doesn’t appear much didymo around, at least downstream, where I have been strolling. Coontail moss abundant

A sampling from under the stones

Checking out the trout fare hidden under rock is a great way to spend hours. I was working so the pic above was collected, and returned, from one stone.

The scuds were most common, showing a translucent grey, on the rock, showing darker on the top of my Yeti. None were bigger than a 18

One sowbug crawled out of the coontail but didn’t make it into the photo, possibly as it was about a 28 or 30, and light gray again.

No-one would be surprised at the water snails, which litter the margins. Nor too the caddis case (bottom right attached to the weed) , which will fuel the spring caddis hatch. The curious black wormlike item is a planarian, a flatworm which moves like a leech underneath the stones.

Happy hunting, just remember to return the stones where you found them and the right way up

Looking upstream from the lower end of the Rim Shoals C+R