Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 12/2/21

Thumper brown for guide Mike Sexton on a hopper _ what do you expect on an 80F day.

Eighty degrees on December 2, so of course you go hopper dropper.

Guide Mike Sexton was checking out some of the low flow fishing yesterday, and enjoying the weather, when he ran into the thick hopper eater pictured above.

Perhaps it was a little karma payback for my fly fishers sharking a couple of fish off his rod tip as we floated past Mike earlier in the day. But more probably, this fish shows the capacity of a brown trout to step out of the little behavioral box we fly fishers like to stick them in and just eat whatever they want when they want to. Imagination is not a curse when it comes to salmo trutta.

And sometimes accept your wins with Sexton’s decorum, and just enjoy the moment.

With the forecast 10-20 mph southerliesholding off yesterday it was a good day to be fishing, playing hooky or both. Get out there while you can.

Abbi Springer with a bar of gold

And now for the rest of this week’s fly fishing report.


The warm temperatures are expected to carry through the weekend with the cold change expected Monday so don’t wait. There is a decent shot the cooler temperatures may kick in some extra generation. Have a look at the flow schedule when its released after 4pm today

The low flows have been giving up plenty of rainbows and some brown trout. Small weighted eggs and midges have been a reliable bet, with some big midge hatches erupting mid morning.

Knowles’ Rootbeer, Ruby Midges are productive or purple zebra midges. The size 18 Tailwater jigs have also been drawing fish in Copper-Black, Crandberry and Ruby colors schemes.

Swinging or stripping smallish streamers, olive or black, have been really good in the broken water. And sure tie on a smallish terrestrial for your indicators.

There is an hour’s bump of almost 2 units scheduled early to watch out for, and always remember the schedule is not always accurate


So the predicted schedule for yesterday went out the window and they ended up running Norfork from 7am to 3pm. Tomorrow’s schedule shows 6am to midday but as always buyer beware.

On those warm dirty flows run mops, blobs and Cheetos ahead of Tailwater Jigs Sunday Specials and midge patterns. Keep an eye out for fluctuating levels and adjust fly size and weight to stay on the bite.